Draft/Trades, a Balanced Offense, save Ben! Wrap-Up!

The wrap-up of the players I had been looking at since January up until the draft. Below was my final thoughts and picks leading up to the draft, and how they compared to how it actually played out.

Save Ben, Pt. III

Pre-draft thoughts......

If not DeCastro, I want Zeitler, he can start at LG and fill in for Pouncey should he go down with another injury.

Osemele is a big, nasty boy who we can have in case Colon gets hurt again.

Cyrus Gray, 3rd down back, character guy, team player.

Have been high on Chris Greenwood’s potential for a long time. Was hoping he could be drafted later, but it looks like his stock is elevating.

Did some research on Bethel after I heard some talk of him and Greenwood both coming from smaller schools. Have liked everything I have heard.

Donte Moss is coming off an ACL surgery in January and probably won’t be available in 2012. Kid would have been a 1st rounder if he did not get into some trouble a few years back, did not get injured and had gone back for his senior year. All the tools are there.

Robinson, I’m already a fan of his. Good motor, team player, great work ethic, workout warrior and a high character guy.

  • 1 (24) Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin~ We got OG DeCastro! Zeitler went 27th to the Bengals.
  • 2 (56) Kelechi Osemele OT Iowa State~ We took OT Adams! Osemele went 60th to the Ravens.
  • 3 (86) Josh Chapman DT Alabama~ We took LB Shane Spence! Chapman went 136th to the Colts.
  • 4 (119) Cyrus Gray RB Texas~ We took NT Ta'amu! Gray went 182nd to the Chiefs.
  • 5 (159) Chris Greenwood CB Albion~ We took RB Rainey! Greenwood went 148th to the Lions.
  • 6 (193) Justin Bethel FS Presbyterian~ Traded away. Bethel went 177th to the Cardinals.
  • 7 (231) Markus Kuhn DT NC ST~ We took WR Toney Clemons! Kuhn went 239th to the Giants.
  • 7 (240) Donte Moss DE UNC~ We took TE David Paulson! Moss-Paige went undrafted.
  • 7 (246) Blair Walsh K Georgia~ We took CB Terrence Frederick! Walsh went 175th to the Vikings.
  • 7 (248) Adrian Robinson OLB/DE Temple~ We took OG Kelvin Beachum! Robinson went undrafted.

Had 5 players go within 16 picks of where I had slotted them. Reached to much for 2 players (Chapman and Gray), underestimated where Blair Walsh would go, and although 2 compensatory picks were not selected, one of them (Adrian Robinson) has signed as an UDFA with the Steelers.

This is the latest list of UDFA we have signed:

Brandon Lindsey, LB, Pitt

Drew Butler, P, Georgia
Robert Golden, DB, Arizona
Marquis Maze, WR, Alabama
Desmond Stapleton, OG, Rutgers
Adrian Robinson, DE, Temple
Alex Tanney, QB, Monmouth
Grant Ressel, PK, Missouri
Ryan Lee, OG, Furman
Jake Stoller, DL, Yale
Connor Dixon, WR, Duquesne

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