Hypocycloid Love

(There's a lot of negative headlines in the NFL, let alone the world we live in general. I wanted to spread some positive love.)

This is just some ramblings of what I love about the Steelers, their role in my life, the memories they have provided, and the way they have been the 'soundtrack,' so to speak, to my life. This is just from my own head, and if you've been around BTSC long enough, you may know my head is a wild little place sometimes.

In no particular order, or place of importance...

I love the following:

Jack Lambert's Hall of Fame acceptance speech. I have never been able to listen to it without getting goosebumps, the hair on my neck rising, and wanting to run through a brick wall leading with my forehead while my eyes well up with tears. Gawd I love that guy.

Eric Green's soft hands and massive frame. He was so damn good.

My collection of DVD's from the '70's to today.

Watching Potsie and J-Peezy go after Peyton Manning in the '05 playoff game.

My first game I attended in Pittsburgh. Steelers v. Raiders, 2004, opening day, when Bettis rushed for 20 touchdowns and a negative 150 yards. Loved it. I won't lie....I cried during the National Anthem and wiped my tears with my Terrible Towel. Definitely one proper use for a Terrible Towel.

Going to see my first Steelers game in person. Also against the Raiders, at the Los Angeles Coliseum. I went with my mom (love you mom!), and wore my almost-too-small Bradshaw home jersey. I was maybe 11-12. I remember I got heckled by Raider fans pretty bad (Really? Really Raider Fan? I'm a little kid with his mom...really?) And we won the game when Blount intercepted a pass near or in the end zone, sealing a trip to the playoffs for us. Beautiful!

Hiine's smile. Especially after a dagger play.

Wondering who the safety was we got from the Redskins, and feeling unsure he could fill Hope's shoes. Sorry, Ryan, for that moment of doubt. :)

I feed off the hate bred from jealousy of Bengals, Browns, and Ravens fans.

The Chief.

The Ambassador to Ireland.


That feeling when I am at a Steeler away game, watching the stadium churn in a sea of swirling Terrible Towels.

The fact we do not have cheerleaders. I love this.

Acknowledging my hypocrisy regarding other teams punky jackass players. I tend to forget that Joe Greene was a punky, jerk of a player at times, especially during the first 3-4 years of his career. He made Suh look like a choirboy. I tend to conveniently forget we had a player shoot a Pennsylvania State Trooper. And skate. So when I see these Steelers today, we have adapted and changed to do things (pretty much) the right way, with excellence. (See: Smith, Aaron).

That someday I will be buried wearing Black and Gold.

I love the logo. The Black. The Gold. The single-sided helmet. The hypocycloids stir me every time I see them.

They're MY Steelers. They're YOUR Steelers. Together, they are, thankfully, OUR Steelers.

Add your own...

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