53 Man Roster (Way too early edition)

Here is my first crack at the 53 man Roster after TC. Rationale is below.

Quarterbacks: Roethlisberger, Leftwich, Batch (3)

Running Backs: Redman, Dwyer, Batch, Rainey, Mendenhall (PUP) (4)

Fullback: Will Johnson (1)

Wide Receivers: Wallace, A. Brown, Sanders, Cotchery, Clemons (5)

Tight End: Miller, Saunders (Suspended 4 games), Johnson, Paulson (3)

Tackle: Adams, Gilbert, Scott, Essex (4)

Guard: DeCastro, Colon, Foster, Beachum (4)

Center: Pouncey, Legursky (2)

Defensive End: Keisel, Hood, Heyward, Woods (4)

Nose Tackle: Ta'Amu, McLendon, Hampton (PUP) (2)

Inside Linebacker: Timmons, Foote, Sylvester, Spence (4)

Outside Linebacker: Harrison, Woodley, Worilds, Carter (4)

Cornerback: Taylor, Lewis, C. Brown, C. Allen, Frederick (5)

Safety: Polamalu, Clark, Mundy, Rolle (4)

Kicker: Danny Hrapmann (1)

Punter: Drew Butler (1)

Long Snapper: Greg Warren (1)

Kick Return: Rainey

Punt Return: Rainey

Practice Squad: Corbin Bryant (DE), Brandon Lindsey (LB), John Clay (RB/FB), Marquis Maze (WR), John Malecki (G), Cromartie-Smith (2), Mike Blanc (DT), Wes Lyons (TE/WR)

Quarterbacks are all but set in stone. Although I think Batch needs to hang it up, he does bring experience, leadership, and game-managing skills.

Runningbacks are a portion of the roster that everyone is uncertain of. Redman will take on the workload until Mendenhall returns, but that is about the only certainty. Look for Batch and Rainey to be the change of pace backs, and Dwyer to see some carries in relief of Redman early on. Mendenhall will end up on the PUP list, which gives us a little roster room to work with for a few games.

Fullback is something that is yet to be seen as well, but I trust Todd Haley will give it a try. Will Johnson is more than a TE or a FB. He brings great size, speed, and power, which should elevate him to the 53 man IMO.

Wide Receiver is set up to Cotchery. I believe Clemons will make this roster, while I don't think Derrick Williams will. I don't trust a man that couldn't catch on with the Lions to really contribute on this team, but I could be wrong. (See Shaun McDonald).

Tight end is also a question mark beyond Heath Miller. Saunders is suspended, but is expected to stay on the roster. I give Paulson the nod over Pope. I don't see us wasting money over a guy with a good upside that will take a minimum rookie pay. Look for Johnson or Paulson to get cut when Saunders, Hampton, or Mendenhall return. (Paulson to PS).

Tackles are set. Look for Adams and Gilbert to start early on. Scott is unfortunately a back-up and Essex is a swing man on every position on the line.

Guards are also a lock. Colon and DeCastro will most likely man the starting positions with Foster being a more than serviceable back-up. Beachum should make the roster and having Legursky as an emergency plug and play Guard will be helpful.

Center is manned by non other than Maurkice Pouncey. Legursky can now rest his brittle shoulders and be a great back-up center (until someone goes down on the other interior positions).

Defensive end is pretty predictable aside from Al Woods, the 4th rd. pick of the NO Saints a few seasons ago. He will not be eligible for the PS, and should crack the 53. Watch out for Corbin Bryant also.

Nose tackle is the most uncertain position. Ta'Amu and McLendon will likely battle it out as the season progresses or until Hampton comes back from injury.

Cornerbacks are very young, but have high expectations this season. Look for Frederick to learn and possibly step up to the nickel position. Brown will man that this season.

Safety positions under Polamalu and Clark look to be a toss up. I expect Will Allen to be cut to preserve cap space. Mundy is all but a lock, which leaves Cromartie-Smith and Rolle to battle it out for the next position. I see Rolle getting the nod because of his intelligence and high expectations.

Kicker needed to be upgraded. Being a Southern Miss fan and student, I am a little partial to Hrapmann. He as a powerful leg and has become a proven commodity. Look for him to push Suisham.

Punter has got to be upgraded as well. Sepulveda is a great athlete and player, but his knees are like peanut brittle. Kapinos is a great fill in guy, but that is about all. Butler was arguably the best punter over the past two seasons in the NCAA. I pray that he will beat out both of our previous punters.

Long Snapper is best given to Greg Warren. The less you hear of out a LS, the better he is IMO.

Practice squad players are sometimes hard to predict, but I would think Brandon Lindsay, Corbin Bryant, John Clay, and Marquis Maze are locks.

When Mendenhall and Hampton return, the first players that are thought to be cut are either: David Johnson, Trai Essex, Kelvin Beachum, Will Johnson, or David Paulson.

Let me know what you think.

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