Premature E-speculation

The draft is now ancient history. Big name free agency has come, and gone. The Steelers dipped their toe in the market, and cannonballed the rookie pool. My morale is sky high, and August is way, way too far away. I realize attempting to predict the final roster at this point is ridiculous. We haven't seen a single snap played on a practice field. Rookies are just getting started. Injury bugs can bite at any moment, and there are still cap numbers to keep square. The right thing to do, would be to wait until, at least, the preseason opener. Unfortunately, I don't think I can hold out. Anticipation is overtaking self-control....oops. Sorry...

Like the title precludes, I'll keep this short and sweet.

46 man Active Roster, + 7 (inactives)

QB: Roethlisberger, Leftwich, (Smith)

HB: Mendenhall, Redman, Batch, Rainey, (Dwyer)

FB: Johnson

TE: Miller, Pope, (Saunders)

WR: Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Cotchery, Clemons

LT: Adams, J.Scott

LG: Colon, Legursky

C: Pouncey, (Essex)

RG: DeCastro, Foster

RT: Gilbert

LE: Hood, (Bryant)

RE: Keisel, Heyward

NT: Hampton, Ta'amu, McLendon

LOLB: Woodley, (Carter)

LILB: Timmons, Spence

RILB: Foote, Sylvester

ROLB: Harrison, Worilds

CB: Taylor, Lewis, Brown, Allen, (Frederick)

FS: Clark, Mundy

SS: Polamalu, Cromartie-Smith

K: Suisham P: Kapinos LS: Warren

Practice Squad

RB: Clay TE: Paulson OL: Beachum OT: Turner OLB: Robinson OLB: Lindsey ILB: Ivy DB: Rolle


I haven't heard any word as to whether Charlie Batch is returning. I went with Troy Smith, because he is familiar with AFC North football, the Ravens D, and athletic enough to stay on the field, if the first 2 QB's have already been carted off. I realize Mendenhall's injury makes my list inaccurate. However, the way Colbert has spoken of Rashard, it seems they will not put him on IR. This makes him inactive, with Dwyer taking his place. I left injuries, suspensions, and contract disputes off the table for this guess. I believe Saunders suspension led to the signing of Leonard Pope. Leonard Pope will lead to Saunders spending most of the year as an inactive. We are still lacking that 5th wideout. I went with Lyons, because his size is intriguing. Derrick Williams could end up with this spot, because of his special teams experience; or Toney Clemons could grab this spot in camp, putting Lyons on the Practice Squad. I could also see a swing between one of the two LB's i place on the squad and Corbin Bryant, as an inactive 53 member. I'd like to see Robinson become a backup to Woodley, and Lindsey to Foote/Sylvester. If they keep a LB, it will be for special teams contribution. This would put DE Bryant on the pratice squad. If I were the LB coach, I would be looking at Carter as a possible ILB, if Mortty Ivy can become Harrison's understudy, and Robinson can handle strong side duties. Love the depth we have at LB, but it will force some decisions to be made. I believe Jason Worilds gets cut before the season, unless one of the aforementioned rookies doesn't pan out. Again, I realize all this can change in a heartbeat. I went with guys like Rainey as active, because I think he will soon be our return man, to take some wear and tear off of Brown's shoulders. However, he may break a leg and never see the field. Perhaps Adams doesn't inspire enough confidence to force Colon to a guard. Maybe we sign a few last minute vets to fill a few reserve/special teams needs. Only time will tell. The Front Office and Coaching Staff will make better use of their players than I could. I realize I shouldn't get so excited, but I can't help it. Sorry for the mess I just made all over your screen.

Edit: After learning that Wes Lyons made the switch to TE, I don't believe he ends up making the roster or practice squad. I thought about giving his spot to Clemons, but I have a feeling he will spend most of his rookie campaign on the practice squad, until the coaches are confident in his hands. I gave his spot instead to Derrick Williams, a guy who has spent time on special teams in college and the pros. This roster doesn't have the ST depth of years past, making him a bit more valuable to our team. If Williams shows incapability, then Clemons would be next on the food chain. Because you can teach an inexperienced player to do, but you can't teach a bad player to be good.

Second Edit: Ok, you guys have convinced me. Worilds most likely stays. I'm not against this idea, I just don't like the fact that I have to lose Ivy to do it. However, I don't know if we will keep 3 LB's on the practice squad. I have a feeling there will be a name that we're not talking about now, who will impress enough in camp to take one of these spots; perhaps Marquis Maze, for example, (although, for the record, I don't think he'll make the cut due to his size. With the addition of Rainey, and hoping he can be a 5th/6th receiver option, I don't see us keeping another small WR. If we're lacking anything in the receiver department, its height. Doesn't mean everything, but nice to have when you need it. So, I'm rewinding my previous edit, and going against my better judgment. I am now cutting D. Williams, promoting Clemons from the PS, and demoting Ivy to his vacant spot, giving Worilds an active roster spot, leaving Chris Carter as the inactive member of the LB corps. I don't remember seeing Carter on Special Teams, but I have heard about Spence playing a role in ST, elsewise, I would have deactivated Spence. Also, after the very informative post on T. Frederick, I've decided to swap him spots with Myron Rolle. The comment about Rolle playing safety also added into this train of thought. Cromartie-Smith performed pretty well on ST last season, once he made the roster. I can see Rolle stashed on the PS, in case we have a serious injury at the Safety position. Got all that? Good. Love the discussion, thanks for the participation, and appreciation.

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