53 Man Roster/Depth Chart For Funzies

Now I realize SteelCityRoller beat me to the punch on this subject. I had planned on writing this up today anyway so a day of hard work and preperation doesn't go to waste. I do know a lot can happen between now and September but as the title states - its for fun!


QB (3) - Reothisberger (C.), Leftwich, (Smith)

Batch resigned a couple of weeks ago but is getting up there in age. He still has provided us with winning football when he has been called upon but if they decide to go with the youth movement here, Troy Smith makes the cut over him.

RB (7) - Redmen, Batch, Rainey, (Dwyer) (Mendenhall - PUP)

No surprises here. When Mendenhall comes off the PUP Dwyer will get cut or Batch may downgrade to the PS. I'm not in favor of either of these moves but no teams needs 5 RBs.

FB (8) - W. Johnson

I don't know much about him other than he was signed as a futures player in Febuary. Not sure if he altimately makes the team or not, but based on his size (6'2" 240 lbs), I got him here. Remember Dan Krieder was an unknown guy too.

WR (13) - Wallace, A. Brown, Sanders, Cotchery, Clemons

We have an open spot for the 5th WR and I think Clemens has the rare size and speed combo to crack the 53. Wallace's future with us is an unknown at this point, but he'll be here this year at least. Next year is the bigger question for this position with Wallace becoming an FA and Brown and Sanders becoming RFAs. But if the salary cap rises next year as expected, they maybe able to get a long term deal done with Wallace. Colbert has stated many times, both parties want a long term deal. When they say that, it usually happens. I don't think he'll get FitzGerald or Calvin Johnson money though.

TE (16) - Miller, Pope, Paulson (Saunders - suspention)

If Paulson lights up camp Suanders suspention won't matter. He'll be cut anyway. Its interesting that Wes Lyons has added 30 lbs and converted to TE. His height makes him a huge redzone threat. If he can learn the position fast enough, he may make the cut. If not it will be another year on the PS for him. Either way, I think David Johnson time here is done.

T (20) - Adams, Colon, J. Scott, (C. Scott)

Adams has the potential to start at LT from day one. A lot of people think Colon is underrated but he's not. With DeCastro one step to his left you all will see how good he really is. I know what you all are thinking... What? Where's Gilbert? Keep reading.

G (24) - DeCastro, Gilbert, (Foster), (Essex)

DeCastro's ablility to pull left is uncommon amoung the NFL's RGs. That will make our running attack unpredictable. Gilbert played every line spot except C at Florida. We all know he has Chemistry with Pouncey and that's why I have him as a G insted of Colon. Colon has never in his life played G so it illogical to put him there now to learn a new position.

C (26) - Pouncey, Legurski

Legurski gets the gamegay hat over Essex and Foster because he'll back up all 3 interior spots.


DE (20) - Kesiel, Hood, Heyward, (Bryant)

Very nice rotation here, 1 pro bowler and 2 1st round picks.

NT (32) - McLendon, Ta'Amu (Hampton PUP)

McLendon played very well last year, I think his development will continue to rise this year while Ta'Amu learns the position. Finding a player on this roster to cut will be tough when Hampton is ready to come back. Maybe cut T C. Scott or CB Rolle to the PS

OLB (36) - Harrison, Woodley, Worilds, Carter

Worilds and Carter will benefit from OTAs and mini camp this year, a luxury they didn't have last year courtesy of the lockout.

ILB (40) - Timmons, Foote (Co C.), Sylvester, Spence

Sylvester is another guy who didn't have the OTAs and mini camp last year. I don't expect there to be much of a drop off from Farrior to Foote this year.

CB (46) - Taylor, C. Allen, Lewis, C. Brown, Frederick, (Rolle)

We saw Multiple nickle and dime packages from LeBeau last year. In one of the dime sets I saw 5 CBs and Polamalu on the field at once. We'll need 6 this year, maybe they all don't get a hat on gameday, maybe they do.

S (50) - Polamalu (Co C.), Clark, Mundy, W. Allen (ST. C.)


K (51) - Grant

I don't like Suisham, I hope this rookie from Missouri can win the job.

P (52) - Kapinos

LS (53) - Warren


RB - Clay, WR - Maze, S - Cromarti-Smith, TE - Lyons, DE - Woods, T - Beachum, LB - Ivy, G/C - Lee

There you have it. Talk amongst yourselves.

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