What Is The Steelers Biggest Weakness On Offense and Defense

The BIG question for me this offseason is whats the next thing we should improve on as a priority for next offseason. That question cant be answered without seeing performances in the games this season but we can speculate (which is all we are doing at this point). Even though some positions are leaving something to be desired it doesnt meant that its weak. Personally I think we need more conservative play from our FS when it comes to runs and short pass plays because if he gets in the habit of playing short and aggressive it will open up the big plays (a lot of you know my views on this already), but by no means do i think FS is a glaring weakness.

As a side note the reason why i feel the way i do about our FS is, I remember how good Chris Hope was when we had him and how well our safeties meshed as a unit. They came into the league together and had two different play styles and when he left and became a SS, It killed me.

Any way I digress. Like I said the biggest problems I see on our teams has to be split up between offense, defense, and special teams. Just to provide depth to this post.

Offense: I think the weakest link I see on this offense breaks down to one position. Left Tackle. People pretty much think that Mike Adams will get the spot and i agree but i have noticed people on this site defending him for the sake of defending him. He has below average strength or at least showed that at the combine (I think it was a scheme to get drafted by the Steelers), he's not a steam roller in the running game he is just above average, and to me i think he carries himself like a guy that would be down on himself if he gets beat on a play and ends up sucking the next one. He does have positives as well and more than i listed as bad.

My main concern is I expect him to get beat a lot at first (He's a rookie of course it will happen) but its the confidence and maturity that scares me from having high hopes for him THIS season. I think he will be very good just not sure if he will show that potential this season or just be a decent starter. What may save him is he does have phenomenal footwork in the pass blocking game and we can use that even in runblocking by having him conatin the outside and not letting penetration on runs between the LG and C. Look for Beachum to surprise this year and give our tackle position depth as well as G.

Defense: It seems to me that we are still going to have a big fall of on buck linebacker with Foote. Think about the logic: Farrior was a far better linebacker and Foote was always behind him in skill level. He isn't faster or quicker or even has the read skills Farrior did. That doesn't institute too much excitement in my mind if he is the starter. Farrior was suspect in the Cover 2 that we ran last year giving up more big plays than we are used to seeing from TEs. I think we shouldn't rule out Timmons to move to Buck since he has noticably gained more mass, and possibly give Spence a shot (realistically not going to happen) or keep Timmons at Mack and have Sly move in there. I say this because I think Timmons can call the plays.

Honorable Mention: I considered the D-line being the weak link but I doubt it. There are plenty proven and capable guys and its more of a question of who will win in the starting spots more than there actually being a hole.

Special Teams: I think its obvious that Suisham is the weak link.

Another notation that i want to add to the Offense is: I looked at the running back situation and we have a lot of guys with a lot of potential and can show that they know how to perform as well as a lot of versatility in that position even if we didn't have Mendy at all. Our receivers are very deep even with out Wallace we are still a pretty guaranteed three deep with promise from Clemons.

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