Steelers 53-Man roster with an eye towards the future

The following is what i'd like to see the roster to look like. The best chance we have right now is to incorporate as many young guys on the offense during the Haley transition. The following roster is very young and leaves a lot of spending room in terms of cap space.

QB(3): Big Ben, Leftwich, J.Johnson Ben and Byron are no brainers and i'd like to see some youth at back-up

RB(4):Redman, Dwyer, Rainey, Batch I've never been a big believer in Mendy and havn't included him. I'd cut him and not even waste the time of putting him on PUP.

FB(1):W.Johnson Will beats out David due to the fact that he's more of an actual FB than david.

TE(3):Heath, Saunders, Paulson Pope might make the roster as Saunders is suspended for the first four games, but after that, the TE's will be as listed.

WR(5):Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Clemons, Maze I didn't include Cotchery because he will never get a chance to see the field. Wallace and Brown will be 1 & 2, sanders is 3, Rainey will probably be 4 and Heath 5. I say we keep Maze and Clemons for Special Teams and the future over Cotchery.

OT(4):Adams, Gilbert, Starks, Essex OG(3):Colon, DeCastro, Foster C(2):Pouncey, Legursky O-Line is pretty much self explanatory

DE(4):Keisel, Hood, Heyward, Ikponmwosa Big Ike is showing promise so far, and i see him landing the last DE spot.

NT(3):McClendon, Ta'Amu, Weston Hampton doesn't make the roster because he's no longer effective even when healthy. The NT position in the 3-4 is not that complicated to pick up. Big snack has manned the position from day 1. Ta'amu should be the starter from day 1 as well with McClendon as the back-up and weston there to develope as a back-up at both NT and DE.

OLB(5):Debo, Woodley, Worilds, Carter, Robinson Robinson makes the roster as ST ace and situational rusher. He's been getting good reviews thus far.

ILB(4):Timmons, Spence, Sylvester, Ivy Foote loses out with Spence becoming one of the starters and sylvester proving he can pull back-up duties. Ivy almost made the opening day roster last year. He'll make it as someone who's familiar with the defense and comes at a savings over foote.

CB(5):Ike, Lewis, Brown, Allen, Frederick Pretty self explanatory here.
S(4):Polamalu, Clark, Cromartie-smith, Golden Allen gets cut because he's too expensive and Mundy gets cut for biting on that play-action against the broncos, plus at 27 years old he's not exactly a much younger option.

ST(3):Butler, Hrapmann, Beachum All 3 are good enough to be at par or better than those on the roster last year not to mention a hell of a lot cheaper.
This roster with the cap penalties included comes to $104,248,126.00, well bellow the Cap.
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