Expression of my Appreciation for the BTSC Community.

As I sit here in front of my computer I am enrage, infuriated and extremely irritated about events that occurred earlier in the evening. I had the unfortunate pleasure of nothing being on the television and the Cincinnati Bengals game being the only preseason game airing in my market. I figured I would watch the Bengals offense to see how their rookie offensive guard was looking in the pre-season game. I also wanted to engage in some football discussion and since BTSC was fairly quiet I found my way over to Cincy Jungle. During the first half of the game I posted many statements on Zeitler's play both critical and positive. I noticed that one of my comments was removed that said nothing more or less than;

Boiling again

That's two plays in a row, might as well sign Kemo at this point

When one of the other members of Cincy Jungle also brought up that he thought a comment had been deleted I brought it up. To my amazement as the first half ended I was booted out of the open thread to the home page and a pop up was on my screen. It read " You have been issued a warning; No Trolling" at this point I was annoyed and felt the need to defend myself. When I brought it up that I had not "trolled" in the slightest and that I felt it was discrimination that only two Steelers fans comments had been removed despite much worse comments towards the Bengals, myself and other members had been posted by Bengals fans the moderator posted;

It is not debatable

He also stated that;

there was no need to bring up Kimo which he misspelled kemo.

Now I was clearly seeing red. He was without a doubt discriminating towards me by believing that I brought up Kimo van Oelhoffen (who took Palmer out of the 2005 playoff game with a shot to the knee) just to make Bengals fans mad. Clearly I was referring to Chris Kemoeatu. I then said some things that were very unbecoming of me. I may or may not have compared said moderator to Hilter by calling him Mein Furher. I may or may not have dropped a couple F bombs in between the words power hungry and ignorant and I may or may not have ended my time at Cincy Jungle with a cap locks F--- --U (fill in the banks yourself) and expressly writing the moderators name (palewook if you're interest). Needless to say I was banned but I couldn't care less because I refuse to participate in any discussion on any blog that does not honor a fair a critical football discussion nor allows anyone to defend themselves from persecution.

This brings me to the topic of the post. I would like to formally and in print express my appreciation to the entire Behind the Steel Curtain community. The moderators on this blog understand that there is always two sides to every argument a promote thoughtful football discussion. They do not rashly use their power as moderators when they do not like the comment and they understand when someone is actually "trolling". The rest of use member also do an excellent job of continuing with the discussion and are well versed in not feeding the trolls. I have been reading this blog since 2008 and my almost two years of posting have been nothing but enjoyable It is all of us here at BTSC, authors, moderators, or just commenting fans that make Behind the Steel Curtain clearly and unequivocally the best SB Nation blog. Once again Thank You All

P.S. Don't ever comment when mad, it makes you look like an ass. Unless that is your intention in the first place.

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