Underdogs for roster spots...

I was just wondering what "bubble guys" are you all hoping to either make the roster or the practice squad?

I know a lot of you were stuck between Adrian Robinson and Brandon Johnson, but with Spence injured pretty badly, I'd say they both have a pretty good chance of making the team.

Myself, I had hoped that Myron Rolle would be good enough to crack the roster earlier in the preseason, but now he's gone.

QB: I'm pulling for Jerrod Johnson to make the P.S.

RB: Was it just me or did DeJuan Harris look really good? He hit the holes with Polamalu-like authority. With the talent the Steelers have at RB in Mendy, Redman, Rainey, and Dwyer....I don't think either Batch or Harris will crack the 53 (well, it's possible Batch will until Mendenhall returns).I can't see the Steelers using two PS spots on RBs, but then again, having too many RBs is never a problem.

WR: Derrick Williams and David Gilreath were really the only ones really competing for the #5 spot. Gilreath will most likely get that spot. Toney Clemons really didn't show enough. If I had to pick between Clemons and Williams, I'd take Williams, but he's not eligible for practice squad.

OL: Kelvin Beachum is a good kid. I met him and his dad at camp. His dad made him sign as many autographs as he could after practice, and you can just tell that he's had a good upbringing. I like the guy, although he has a long way to go. Not sure if he makes the 53, but definitely a guy to be considered for PS.

TE: Although not considered a "bubble guy," I like Pope, despite his less than stellar game last night. I was happy with this addition. Paulson makes the team by default, but will be gone by week 4, unless an injury occurs. I haven't see anything from Paulson to set the world on fire.

DL: Al Woods. Hands-down. I think he's outplayed Bryant. If there's space, maybe Bryant can be stashed for later on the PS.

LB: Morty Ivy. I like Robinson and Johnson, but I think Ivy is pretty good too. If he's not injured too badly, maybe he can catch on later.

CB: Frederick sealed his fate last night when he gave up the score to Carolina late. Victorian has looked good. I can't see Victorian making the 53, but it is definitely a possibility. Definitely hope he can make the PS.

S: Cromartie-Smith or Golden. Will one make the 53? Will one make the PS? I think this may be one of the more difficult decisions. Will Allen hasn't looked great. Golden has looked pretty good. DCS has improved.I'd say the roster is pretty well set in most positions by default, but there's a little bit of a question mark here. I like both DCS and Golden better than Allen, so I'm pulling for both.

PS: Jerrod Johnson, *Barron Batch, *Corbin Bryant, *Kelvin Beachum, *Josh Victorian, *DCS, Derrick Williams, DeJuan Harris, David Paulson.

*Pending the player doesn't make the 53-man roster...

*Edited* Thanks for catching that...

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