Hump Day Mix 2.0 Grounded (& Pounded) Jets

Its me, its me its the WVPF, this week DJ Slashy-Slash had to call in plan C to head up the HDM, who knew he and Arn had actual lives. So with me in charge and the one the only, mostly because there isn't many people this eccentric on the face of the planet, TVsChachi. So lets let the maddness begin.

We begin with the proseful TVsChachi

Lo the Doom Bells Ring Black

So you could say I've got a Charlie Brown cloud hovering over my head and it's not for our Black & Gold alone but the world of mine this moment. Rife with uncertainty I squint at the horizon trying to make sense of the blurred figures ahead. I am living in Manhattan, the famed island that many (including myself) revere as the greatest metropolis in the world. Screw France, London, San Francisco; Manhattan is amazing. But not an easy place to find a job, and I'm out of practice pounding the pavement, my last stretchof work was 3 jobs over 7 uninterrupted years. I'm glum as hell in front of an epic backdrop. I am fully aware of my heart pounding into my chestplate and the dry mouth of anxiety as my head races in its attempt to find a tangible solution to an intangible problem. I might need to talk to a shrink, so let me climb up on your couch for a few verses and talk a little football.

Doc, what makes me the most sick inside is that what Warren Sapp said might be correct. Not because he has some shrewd talent at picking golden truths, we all know he talked shit because his ass got straight embarrassed first by Jason Gildon then collectively by The Pittsburgh Steelers on National Television back when his little piggy ass could still squeeze into football pants. The money of our defense are old and the young kids aren't proven. They have talent, they are men in the NFL, however they have not yet gelled into the multi-headed hungry beast with the single aim to destroy motherf*ckers. For me, the injury to Spence hurt more than DeCastro's. I accept that every franchise must go through a period of 'retooling'. The better franchises bounce back faster. Since the NFL merger The Pittsburgh Steelers have not gone more than 4 years without a playoff appearance. Reality is such. What really pains me is this coincides with what I see as Roetlisberger's period of peak and decline. He doesn't have a hell of a lot more time left. We gotta strike while iron is hot, but right now it is room temperature. My spleen aches.

Doc, I question the hunger. We were fat off the pig while Baltimore fed off scraps in the corner for years and now look. Those bitches are poised to strike and we're #2 in the Division. We'll be lucky to split with The Bungles this year. I will tune into every game but I can't let my blood-pressure rise like it used to. My eye would actually twitch with every goddamn Joe Flacco completion to Pitta, or Boldin, or Rice (an actual pass that wasn't a blatant heave and hope for pass interference). Those bums in Baltimore are playing solid football. They were a club-foot away from playing in the Superbowl last year and I think they beat New York. Buddy we would have heard it too. Doc, them crumbs would have rubbed our faces in feces. Thank God for Billy Cundiff.
The Jets played great in Week 1. Harvard grad or not the Jets made Fitzpatrick look like the quarterback he is. Big brains don't make for football talent (listen to Ed Reed talk). Goddamn Sanchez played his head off, and granted they were home last week and this Sunday have to play in our house, but he made plays. His receivers really made plays. Maybe it could be said his receivers did NOT made him look like the quarterback he is, eh Doc? At the end of the day I think it will be a close game 21 - 19 Steelers win, something like that. Going into Week 3 at .500 isn't that bad afterall I know. And it's a long season, there's a lot of football left to play. But I fear the season may be longer that it needs to be. Ah hell Doc, I'm sick of mooning broody in the corner like a moody Jack Kerouac, let's get to the boobies already.

WVPF: Last week was strange, we played well for the most part but at the same time we played poor for the most part. First game with the full Haley playbook started off as well as it could down a starting RB and starting RG which turned into 5 healthy OL before the end of the 1st half. Ben looked sharp, that pick 6 to Porter was Porter making the correct read and jumping the route to perfection, the running game never really got going but our short passing game was able to keep Ben upright, two sacks until the final drive when Dumerville and Von Miller were able to pin their ears back and go full bore at Ben.

The defense looked like a unit with two key starters missing. But watching Peyton do his thing was awe inspiring, he hadn't played in over a year and a half and hadn't missed a beat. Running his version of the no-huddle to perfection as he based the play call off of where Troy was in relation to the line of scrimmage. Not having James Harrison to try and free up his rushing mate LaMarr Woodley was one of the biggest problems with that game. If Peyton set up the gameplan to beat the Steelers, how many teams will be able to run it as well as he does?

Keys to this week, get pressure on Mark Sanchez and force the Jets defense to rush the passer using only 4 rushers. Mark Sanchez is a streaky passer to say the least, but get pressure in his face and it can end poorly for the Jets. I'm sure we'll see Tebow somewhere between 5-10 times and that is a bad thing because that's taking practice time away from the other 90% of the Jets offense that they'll actually use on Sunday.

Lets face it, the Jets have very few pure pass rushers and they are a defense that relies heavily on a pass rush. So that presents a huge problem for Sexy Rexy, who I must say has lost the LBs that Jason Worilds found in the off-season, and he remedies that situation with bringing guys from everywhere, think the 46 out a 3-4 instead of a 4-3, which often times will leave his defense vulnerable on the back end. Now in his favor he has Derrelle Revis on one side and Antonio Cromartie, the Michael Irvin of defensive pass interference, on the other. So he has some flexibility, but if our offense can hit a bunch of quick hitting passes at some point Rex has to take some rusher and put them in coverage to shore up the middle of the field, at which point we take a shot down the field.

Final score 24-19 good guys

Now onto the lovely ladies that have struck mine and Chachi's fancy!

First Chachi

Keeping with the trend, the girls are dark and brooding beauties Monica Bellucci



Eliza Dushku



Dita Von Teese



I like to always find the positive in life, some days are easier than other JV Volleyball makes it really, really hard sometimes. So I'm bringing some non dark and brooding girls

First up, Erika Peterson (AKA Rigel Suicide)



Lass Suicide



Ajilee Suicide



Addendum, I know its Thursday but I went through hell and high water to get this up. I was a volleyball match untol about 11:20 on Tuesday so I didn't get the E-mail about this weeks HDM out until about 1 o'clock on Wednesday. Then I didn't get the main body of it done until about 1 in the morning today and we had to work out some kinks with Chachi's pictures. But hopefully you all enjoy, even if it is a day late.

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