I Don't Really Like Jay Cutler & Here's Why

I was told in not so many words this last week that my dislike for Jay Cutler was because of his face.

No, I'm serious. His F A C E.

Basically, I was criticized openly about this.

You know, it's one thing to disagree. But to nearly call someone an idiot, in not so many words, when you are an editor? Not appreciated. So, without naming exact names, I will add a little credence to my case regarding why I don't like Jay Cutler, but I won't talk. I'll let others do the talking. Others who have infinitely more experience with professional football than my assessor of apparent personal retardation and lack of NFL and sports acumen.

If Jay Cutler pisses you off too and just the mere mention of his name causes hives and (apparently irrational) hyperventilation and other symptoms of grief, or you just don't give a rats tush, stop here. Otherwise, read on...

From the front page of today:

"Cutler could own the football-crazed Midwest city. He's the most physically talented quarterback to call Soldier Field home since the 1980s. But his attitude can be aloof, strong-willed, nonchalant, egotistical or mean-spirited. It hasn't been endearing."

"Adewale Ogunleye, a former teammate of the quarterback with the Chicago Bears, joined Cutler's critics this week after he berated left tackle J'Marcus Webb on the sideline and gave harsh evaluations of others during the postgame press conference."

Lombardi: Room for improvement The Bears made thePackers look good on Thursday, but both teams have plenty to work on,Michael Lombardi writes.More ...

"If you are not doing your job, yeah, someone should be allowed to get in your face," said Ogunleye on WSCR-AM's the "Mully & Hanley Show" on Friday, via the Chicago Tribune. "But if you live in a glass house, you can't throw any stones. So the way I am looking at the game, no one is yelling at Jay when he is throwing the ball (four) times to their defenders. And you've got to have some sense of accountability. At the end of the day, you start losing the the respect of the offensive line when publicly you're bumping people and yelling at them in their face. I don't think it is the right thing to do."

And from our own Terry Bradshaw:

"This is a guy I've never met, and I've heard so many things negatively about Jay," Bradshaw told WSCR-AM's "McNeil and Spiegel Show" on Friday, via the Chicago Tribune. "His body language for a person that's never met him suggest he's not a person I really want to meet, but that's kind of a silly thing. I'd really like to sit down with him and I'd have a better understanding of what makes him tick."

Sure, he says it's "silly" to base it off of body language....but he does say it makes him not even want to meet the guy! Sheesh. Wonder what endorsements deals this guy has. Impression IS important, Jay. And it is important, Writer Guy. Apparentle, it's not just on the outside...his dress down by a former teammate, and current teammates of his most recent immature, narcissistic, self important flare up is proof.

I'll just list some more links from stories I found by googling "Jay Cutler Attitude Problem," and just "Jay Cutler."

One used the word "mutiny," and "that James Dean-wannabe quarterback." Awesome.

This one: The difference between Rodgers and Cutler's scolding

Bruschi says Cutler owes O-lineman an apology, and why

This, from 2009, warning that Jets would get "talent, and potential trouble" if they trade for Cutler.

Also from 2009, Cutler ripped for post game attitude.

Dated April 9, 2009, regarding the letter Broncos owner Pat Bowlen sent to season ticket holders: "Cutler's attitude reason for the trade." Insubordination was a word used to describe his behavior.

Andrew Garda, Bleacher Report Lead Writer: Cutler "cocky" and "seemingly arrogant" as always.

Kevin Seifert on Bears/Packers game: Cutler bumps and screams at teammate, kicks Charles Woodson, loses control.

Darrell Horwitz: Jay Cutler is a jerk, but who acres. Ignoring John lway, getting cell phone knocked out of his hand by a teammate who's trying to talk to him....but who cares, right?

Matt Snyder article regarding Cutler: Mel Kiper Doesn't Like Jay Cutler.

So, by spending just 10 minutes on this, scanning a few articles and cutting and pasting the links into the article, I found more than just his "FACE" that pisses me off about him. And if all of his innumerable issues on and off the field, in the locker room, the sideline, on the field, interviews, meetings with teammates, coaches, general managers, media, press conferences....yep. Must be the fact he's diabetic and needs insulin injections.

When I mentioned that I've seen athletes compete in and finish the Ironman Triathlon with missing limbs (most notably legs), and if they can manage that with a good attitude and not even close to the medical resources Cutler has (yet Cutler has a pass for his belligerence, pugnacious attitude, lack of respect, etc etc ad naseaum), I was told I couldn't even compare the two.


Not only that, I was told the level of competition isn't even the same.


How about this. Cutler is a stinky, sour-faced, petulant, whiny, belligerent, impetuous, jerkified, nasty, mean, self-important, me-first, non-teamy teammate.

Apparently this is what I think, it's not based on his sour, self-entitled arrogant face...because a hell of a lot of people agree with me. Even the people that seem to side with him admit, he's a bit of an @$$hole. do I tie this in with the Steelers?

I'm glad we don't have Jay Cutler on our team, and I'm glad I was told by an editor that apparently I was not being more sensitive to little insulin-starved Jay Jay, and thinking it's all "just his face."

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