Hump Day Medley 3.0 Bye Week Pandemonium

Well this has been a sad week, Steelers blew a 10 point lead, Rpelacement Refs made a mistake that the Real Refs could easily have made. So lets get happy and I know no other way than watching a 230 lb legit badass do the Gangnam Style dance.

So now that we are happy lets get even more happy, due to conflicts with regular life, again who knew Arn Webslasha and 1BlkandGld fan had real lives?, its Chachi and I manning the station again.

so now without further adeu, or however you spell it, the rather fired up Chachi

Well that f*#$ing sucked. However, the outcome of Sunday's game shouldn't come as a surprise. The offense (when not fumbling) has the right tools. The defense is and has been a sour topic since 2009. Undisciplined and out of breath. Prone to dumb penalties. Stupid costly hot-headed rookie mistakes made by veterans practically stuff the pockets opposition with points. This is what I call a 'transition' defense. The older men are on the way out: Keisel just turned 34, Harrison has minutes left, Troy has peaked, Hampton is terrible at this point in his career, send him to pasture so that he may frolic in acres of wings and champagne. We will salute Snack in retrospect but this is business, and he's hurting the business.

The young'ns have yet to prove themselves. There is unbalance in the Force and much confusion, these are things which lead to errors. I spoke out before about hunger. We need young men on the defensive side of the ball who have not seen the Almighty hardware to step and take a bite, make a splash. Situations such as this are a natural occurrence in any franchise. Whether you prefer to call it rebuilding or retooling there will exist an organic ebb and flow. The hard part is finding the proper replacement pieces, and getting those pieces to succeed.
In regards to replacement refs: first of all Go F*ck Yourself Green Bay and every asshole on that roster who Tweeted their juvenile frustration can go cry in their millions. However I may wish very bad things upon Rodger Goddell, the post-game whining pisses me off even more. I wonder if Joe Flacco still thinks the replacement refs are 'affecting the integrity of the game'. What about you Harbaugh? No peeps out of that feathery camp this week. Stay consistent man. Don't be a schmuck, you schmuck.

WVPF: In case you weren't happy enough I came with more sure fire happiness creators, but first lets get sad again. We stand a true moment in history, the league rapidly changing right before our eyes into a dink and dunk passing league where the goal is to get the ball out of the QBs hands as quickly as possible and into the hands of his playmakers on the outside. No longer are teams using drag routes and RBs in the flat as checkdowns but as primary options to spread the defense out as much as possible and make them defend every inch of the field. While Coach LeBeau's defense was a revolution in the 80s, its kinda sorta not working anymore. You can say all you want about a lack of pass rush, I defy anyone to name a pass rusher who got to the QB in under 3 seconds on a consistient basis.

The Zone Blitz scheme to take away the deep pass has done just that and to such a degree that the entire league has changed how they play offense as to beat us, except for the Jets who have no clue what they are doing on offense. While other teams will be more succesful than others at running what amounts to a Air Raid offense, that you see ran by WVU, Washington St., Oklahoma St. or various other college progams, if one of these teams has a playmaker that they can get the ball to on a regular basis they will kill you everytime because there's just so much to defend and in a short amount of time. You have to get up on the LOS and disrupt the timing of the QB and WRs as much as you can and allow your pass rushers to get to the QB because his primary option isn't where he should be. That's an adjustment I've yet to see from LeBeau this year, maybe we don't have the right players to do that, although I doubt that Kennan Lewis is bigger than Bryant McFadden and McFadden was so good in his first run with the team because he just mauled guys off the snap. You now have to reverse your thinking as DC with how the league is changing, instead of taking away the long ball, you have to take away the short pass. No longer do your pass rushers set uo DB for INTs because they force the QB to throw early, you have to have your DBs set up your pass rushers for sacks because their primary read isn't where he's supposed to be and everyone else is covered short because there isn't anyone going deep in these offenses.

But now lets get happy again, before we get to random hottness of the week, we have to share another legit badass doing a rediculous dance. This time its the 260 lb war machine Alistair Overeem doing the Dougie Now onto random hotness, first up Chachi.

Today's Theme is a Non-Theme but goes something like this:

TV Blondes: Claire Holt



Sarah Michelle Gellar



January Jones


WVPF: I had a theme and then I scrapped it and decided to go with the best examples of my people the Gingers.


Charlotte Herber, AKA Chad Suicide.



Annalee Suicide



Sinnah Suicide


Well folks that's it and that's all and if you're not down with this than we got two words for ya.

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