Hump Day Mix 2.0 Week 1: (Rematch through Donkey Manure) Edition

Ladies and Germs, wow…Welcome back to Steeler Football!! Hump Day Mix
pleaser/teaser to get that pent up rage out of the way. Thanks for tuning in, as you know you’re master of ceremonies: DubSleazy, will be leading the charge and WV will be the other half of the Dynamic Duo for this week’s mixery (Arnie is sitting out this round due to conflict with his schedule but he is with us in spirit as well as 1BLKGLDFAN and Chachi sorry guys!)…we wanted to start out this season’s blog on a better note but it is what it is. BTSC we missed you and for that what we have in store is what you all beg for, yes the picks the rants and the star studded eye-candy. So this being the first official HUMP DAY MIX sit back and enjoy the show and as always thank you Mr. Bean (Prez), BTSC and all of our blog supporters b/c without your input…there wouldn’t be anything like this…well maybe…lol. Now let’s get to the HUMP!!!

The Fire Starter, what has been going on since this past January?

DubSleazy: Well I have been pondering many things…what to do when to do when our football season came to a close. Depression from the Tebowing made me drown my sorrows at the end of a bottle for many days on end…Watching on repeat NFL Network Super-bowl Champions Steeler’s edition my dvd’s have permanent burn marks in them…working, working out, sleeping a lot and trying to get over my depression of a season stolen…

WV: Um…sex, lots of it well for at least the past few months!

Since Mike Wallace’s return from the longest holdout in Steelers history, how do you think he will mesh well into Haley’s system?

DubSleazy: I believe, now don’t quote me on it…feel that since he has kept in touch with some of the players. That he has been training hard and won’t have that much of a set-back other than brain scanning the enigma of a play book as BB dubbed it…he will do fine and we shall be ready for the Donkey’s.

WV: There are a lot of things you can say about Haley but not being about to format his game plan to get his best players involved isn’t one of them. In Arizona, he ran a pass first offense using his triple threat of Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Breaston, with Kurt Warner running the show. In KC he ran a run first offense with Thomas Jones and Jamal Charles carrying the offense. Haley WILL find a way to get MW involved.

How will the "Manning experiment" have its effect on the Steelers and predictions?

DubSleazy: Well Manning did look "fluid" in those pre-season games, but he is still the same guy that we know all too well, just in a different town and with different colors…we all know Big Daddy Elway wants to win NOW, but it won’t happen…Offensive player of the game: AB 7 touches, 2 TD’s 118 yds. Defensive player of the game: I’m going with Taz, he will be all over the field flustering Manning, 7 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 sack 1 pick. Steelers win in a nailbiter…The Burgh 24 – Donkey’s 21.

WV: Easy…Steelers 24 – Broncos 20, Offensive player of the game: The whole O-Line (well I hope). Defensive player of the game: Ike redeems himself and plays like a madman, getting tips, matched up game changing stuffs, and then the final curtain act a pick 6…to end the game the right way.


DubSleazy: I have a few, but none for this week…I will save them for the middle of the season, how about you WV?

WV: Well everyone its week one and that means many things, elevated blood pressure, loss of speaking abilities after Sunday/Monday/Thursday from either yelling at the TV or being there in person. But mostly it means knowing what you are going to do on Sunday's instead of what the wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend wants you to do. While starting the year with a lot of contributors there's one thing to say Don't be scared homie,



if there's one thing to be learned from the Tomlin Era is, he likes depth and guys that can play multiple positions. So that leads to the questions, even with all these injuries how will this season go? Well that depends on many factors, how well the Todd Haley led offense plays. How well does the re-tooled offensive line do without DeCastro for however long he's out. How well does our "Old slow defense", Warren Sapp professional blowhard, do in not playing Madden but the actual game of football. Will Shaun Suisham be able to hit a FG longer than a PA during the regular season. So many questions so few answers, but for a prediction of the regular season 11-5. Now on to the stuff that actually brings in the readers, for the first HDM hostess of the week. the lovely and talented April Mendez. Next up a beautiful model from NJ, somehow my first two picks these week are from there, Susan Coffey. Now we make a trip down to Columbia to hang out with Kieve Sucide. To finish we take a trip out to sunny California and meet up with Randi Sumner.

With that week one ends on a rather positive note if you were to ask me.

Hostess of the week:

DubSleazy: no words…just look…hahaha!







WV: Yes…names in the rant all in order…





Cheerleaders of the week:

DubSleazy: Oh Tampa



…damn you Cincy



WV: No cheerleaders for me this week, I couldn’t decide so I went with these lovely ladies…(see above for the names in the rant).



and her



Well…this wraps up yet another HDM morsel…tune in next week, as we take on the red headed step children the J-E-R-K-S at the Ketchup bottle.

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