Steelers Mock Draft

Well it is that time of year. Our season is over. The Super Bowl is set for the Ravens to take on the 49ers *twitch*. The next thing to look forward now for 30 teams in the NFL is the NFL Draft in April.

Here is my Steelers Mock Draft.

Round 1

WR Keenan Allen, California

- I know a lot of people think we should go Defense early, but I think our Offense needs to be more balanced and consistent (look foward to Round 2 everyone). Mike Wallace is also likely gone and we will need to replace his productivity in our Offense. Keenan Allen has the look of a #1 WR. He has good enough speed, but his real talents lie in his physicality and his route running. He is also a tall WR at 6'3 and has some good bulk to him at 210 lbs. This season, he caught 98 passes for 1343 yards and 6 TDs while being the center of attention for opposing Defenses. He could really free up Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders. I wouldn't mind one bit if the Steelers took him in the 1st Round.

Round 2

RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama

- Another skill position taken in the first 2 Rounds? You bet. Our Running game is in need of a future Feature Back. Rashard Mendenhall has, in all likelihood, played his last game as a Steeler based on last season's performance. Jonathan Dwyer can hold down the fort for a while, but he isn't the answer as our starter. Isaac Redman is more of a change-of-pace RB and is also not a starter at RB. Eddie Lacy had a huge game against Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship Game. He breaks tackles like a pro and is always pounding forward through the line. He has the look of a Steeler RB.

Round 3

FS Tony Jefferson, Oklahoma

- Okay, here we go. Time to go hardcore on Defense. Tony Jefferson made a name for himself as a playmaker at Oklahoma. He has a good motor and football IQ. He was originally recruited as a Linebacker so he has the versatility attribute. He plays in the mold of current Steelers FS Ryan Clark. He isn't afraid to blitz or line up in the box. With some time sitting behind Clark and Troy, he could be a good addition to our secondary.

Round 4

QB/RB/WR Denard Robinson, Michigan

- An intriguing prospect, Robinson has seen time at QB, RB, and WR due to his athleticism. He could be a great insurance policy if Big Ben goes down (which will most likely happen, based on his injury history). The Steelers need a backup QB. Robinson could provide that explosive playmaking they were looking for when they Drafted Chris Rainey.

Round 5

ILB Kevin Riddick, North Carolina

- More Defense. The Steelers need a BUCK linebacker to replace Foote. Sean Spence was never looked at as the answer to that position. Riddick is not known as an athletic linebacker, but he is a good blitzer and has good instincts when stopping the run. He has had questions about his work ethic and motor, but he has enough upside where taking him in the 5th Round wouldn't be all that much of a risk. He has good size at 6'2" 240lbs. He could be a project, but he would be a risk worth taking.

Round 6

CB/KR Tyrann Mathieu, LSU

- Kevin Colbert has come out and said that he would take a player with a character risk again after the unsuccessful experiment with Chris Rainey. Tyrann Mathieu could be that guy. Once looked at as a Top 5 pick, Mathieu's stock has dropped dramatically after failing multiple drug tests and ultimately being kicked off of the LSU football team. Mathieu has dynamic playmaking ability, comparable to Arizona's Patrick Peterson. However, his height and weight (5'9' 180lbs) are not ideal for a CB. While at LSU, he made a name for himself making clutch plays in big moments. In 2011, he was a Heisman finalist. I think if given the opportunity, Mathieu could be a special player.

Round 7

DE Joe Kruger, Utah

- Brother of Baltimore Ravens OLB Paul Kruger, Joe has good enough size (6'7" 280) to be considered a project player in the NFL. I haven't seen him play and don't know all that much about him, so this move would be purely for depth at the moment.

Comments are appreciated.

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