Biggest concerns for the Steelers heading into the Bye Week



With the Steelers 0-4 to start the season for the first time since 1968, there are some obvious concerns heading into our Week 5 Bye. What should the Steelers be most focused on with? Here is my take.

Defensive Inconsistencies

Our Defense has been frustrating. It looked dominant the first two weeks of the season, then it looked like 2009 all over again the previous two weeks. If we played Defense like we did the first two weeks, we would have won this game. 27 points usually is enough for the Steelers to win. Maybe we underestimated Greg Jennings and Jerome Simpson, by loading up the box to stop AP (and that didn't even work how we wanted). And aside from Lamarr Woodley, our Defense is not getting enough pass rush to the QB. However, there are some positives to look at. Cam Heyward is finally looking like a 1st Round Pick this season, making splash play after splash play. Troy Polamalu is back to his 2010 form, but even he needs help from the linebackers to get pressure in order to force turnovers. Ike Taylor is as good as he has ever been in coverage (if only he can catch a damn ball once in a while). On the whole though, there needs to be more consistency. It doesn't help that your signal caller is a 6th Round Draft pick (no matter how much potential he has shown) and he is splitting reps with a practice squad constant. Our tackling has been crap recently also. We need to step it up.

Offensive Line

I think for the OL, I am chalking this season up to a growing year. They are young and they are learning a new Blocking Scheme (which they are generally getting better at). Meanwhile, David DeCastro is playing with an attitude ever since taking Pouncey out for the year. If we get a high pick in 2014, we should spend it on one of the "Big 3" tackles (either Jake Matthews, Cyrus Kouandjio, or Taylor Lewan). Mike Adams is clearly not a LT (he has shown easily more potential as a RT (which he is more suited for) than on the left side. Pass Protection needs to come from somewhere, even if it means changing up the rotation.

Big Ben

Where did you go bro. You were an MVP candidate last year before you killed your momentum with that injury. Now, you are a polar opposite of yourself, choking on third down and not being able to hold onto the ball when you need to. Also, stop throwing deep so much. Your accuracy sucks and you are best suited for over the middle throws and leading receivers in space after improvising with your feet. Also, if you can get a first down with your feet, do it instead of risking a pick or an incompletion on 3rd down.

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