2013 Steelers

When are we going to admit that this years edition of the Steelers is just a bad team? I just read something in the Tribe about coming out flat against bad teams (Minnesota and Oakland)...I got news for everyone fans, media, players, and front office especially...WE ARE A BAD TEAM...and until we see that and embrace it and get a plan to correct it we will continue to be a BAD TEAM. I can tell you this, we are losing to the Patroits next weekend, no if, ands or but about that one, so we'll be 2-6.

Solving the problem:

How does the coaching staff and manaagement address it. The first thing I would do is cut the frigging punter and bring back Butler, I read last week that it would be financially feasible and for sure he couldn't do any worse that the patroit cast-off.

Secondly, start the Shark instead of Clark at FS or SS, Troy is having a great year but he has no help from Clark...where was Clark the deep safety on the TD by Pryor...bad angle and got beat, that is his job to prevent anything of that nature. Same holds for the TD against Baltimore last week, he jumps up and leaves Clark all by himself for the TD.

The front office has to get the scouting department engaged in finding good prospects for the draft. We need to change a lot of players, I know the NFL is not a league where you trade players and get high draft picks back, so that's out...we just have to draft better.Lots of positions to fill on this team, every position is needed, there is no quality depth!

Todd Haley has to go, his tendancies and play calls disappoint me and that trend has been ongoing since last year, the only game he planned and called a good game was against the Ratbirds last week.

We might need to go into free agency to help the turnaround, we can't fix this in one year with just draft picks...I would try and fix the OL with the first round draft pick and FA, and keep Velasco.Until we fix the line the offence is doomed and Ben will keep getting killed, he is on pace to get sacked over 50 times this year.

On Defence we need to get rid of Ziggy Hood he is a big bust, there was one play against the Raiders when I noticed he was 5 yards off the line at the end, I rewinded it and he got blown up...this is a guy who is supposed to be super strong, but he can't get off blocks, no need for him here. Here is what pisses me off, we have T'Ammue (sp) the NT and let him go to Arizona. we need a real NT and move McClendon outside where he should be playing because he gets off blocks and moves extremely well laterally.Again, we have another NT that we kept instead of T'Ammue (sp) and we don't dress him.

It's really time to part ways with some of the vets, Woodley, Clark, Keisel, Gay, Taylor, and sadly Troy...time to blow this thing up and start with young fast talented players...linebackers are awful except for Timmons, I have to give Jones a pass on this year...Go Steelers!!
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