Five Winners and Losers from the 2013 NFL Combine


The NFL Combine is now a thing of the past but the adjustment of NFL Draft "expert" boards has just begun. This list of ten players is a beginning of my breakdown of the combine with much more to come.


David Amerson, cornerback, safety, North Carolina State - Amerson came into the Combine as a 4th to 5th round prospect following a dreadful 2012 season but he was able to flash the athleticism that made him one of the best prospects in the country after the 2011 season. He ran an unofficial 4.38 forty with a 1.52 10 yard split. He could be a 3rd round pick now.

Earl Wolff, safety, North Carolina State - Wolff was one of the stars of the Senior Bowl and he continued that strong offseason with a great combine. He ran an unofficial 4.37 forty along with a 39 inch vertical. He has risen from a fourth to fifth round prospect at the end of the college season to a second or third round prospect now.

Cornelius Washington, defensive end, outside linebacker, Georgia - Washington had the best combine of anyone, posting an absurd 36 reps on the bench press while running a 4.50 forty at over 260 pounds. He also had a 39 inch vertical. If he had good film, he would be a top 10 pick but with his poor film, he will likely go in the second or third round.

Tavon Austin, wide receiver, West Virginia - Austin had an incredible week at the combine, clocking an unofficial 4.25 forty and a near record setting 1.45 10 yard split. He has likely risen from a prospect ranked in the 40 range to being a possible top 20 pick.

Le'Veon Bell, running back, Michigan State - Bell dropped over 15 pounds before the combine, weighing in at a slim 230 pounds. He followed that up by running an impressive 4.52. He should be able to go sometime on Day Two now.


Johnthan Banks, cornerback, Mississippi State - Banks had a great weigh in, coming in at 6-foot-2 but then ran a miserable 4.59 forty. That is just dreadful for a cornerback and could drop Banks from a top 20 prospect to a guy who will go between 30 and 50.

Damontre Moore, defensive end, Texas A&M - Moore's NFL Combine performance was embarrassing, getting just 12 reps on the bench press and a pathetic 4.95 in the forty. That is just pathetic and he could fall very far in the draft.

Manti Te'o, inside linebacker, Notre Dame - Manti Te'o handled himself well in the interviews but then was very bad in the forty, running a poor 4.81. He also looked stiff in drills. His stock has likely fallen from top 5 before the National Championship game to the 30 to 40 range at this point.

Jawan Jamison, running back, Rutgers - Jamison took a risk entering the draft after his sophomore season and after a poor combine, it might have been a mistake. He ran a pedestrian 4.68 with a poor 1.66 10 yard split. He is probably more of a third or fourth round prospect than the second round prospect he thought he was.

Robbie Rouse, running back, Fresno State - Rouse, one of the smallest backs in the draft, ran a terrible 4.80 in the forty and had one of the smallest pair of hands. He was a late round prospect before this but now might not be drafted.

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