April Foolishness Mock Draft

I would have done this tomorrow but I am flying to Dallas on business so it goes out a day early.

I realize this will probably not happen but since I am playing GM this is what I would do in the draft this year.

First I would call SF and trade the Steelers Rd 1 (#17) and Rd 3 (#81) = 1135 pts on trade value chart to SF for their Rd 1 (#31), Rd 2 (#63), Rd 3 (#76) and Rd 4 (#127) picks = 1131 pts. Why would SF do this? One because they just lost the SB and have to figure they are only a few players away from winning it. Getting somebody at #17 that could put them over the top is a better option than keeping all those draft choices. Second they have something like 11 choices in this draft. Again for a deep team like SF they don't need to bring in that many people because most won't have a shot at making the team. They want to move up to aquire quality not quantity.

Second I would trade the #31 and #127 pick = 645 pts to Miami for Rd 2 (#43) and Rd 3 (#84) = 640 pts. Again why would Miami do this? They have just made the big splash in FA and now are looking to keep the momentum going by adding quality to complement who they already have on their roster. Moving back into the 1st round garners them the higher quality player.

So now the Steelers are ready to make some picks, so here goes: (By the way I am using CBS Sportsline prospect rankings to determine each players draft position)

Rd 2 #43 - Jonathan Cyprien SS Florida International University As we know DL stated the defense needs to get younger at safety and we need to start thinking about replacements. Much has already been written about this prospect so no need for me to rehash old news.

Rd 2 #50 - Vance McDonald TE Rice University Maybe not the household name many know but a big (6'4" 267#) target who showed well at the combine. He is acustom to spliting out as he did this at Rice and runs good routes. Some say he isn't a great blocker, other say he is. Either way that can be taught.

Rd 2 #67 - Larry Warford OG Kentucky Large powerful road grader blocker. Did well on a bad SEC team agianst top competition. Can come in and compete with RF for starting guard spot. Very powerful and good initial explosion to knowck DT backward. Is slow so not great in open space or getting to next level. Could give us the best line in the NFL is a couple years. Very high on him.

Rd 3 #76 - Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M Tied Tavon Austing with 2nd fastest 40 at the combine but is 4 inches taller and 30 lbs heavier. Is not a Wallace type burner but more a Welker type slot reciver which is what the new offense is predicated on. What sold me was a video showing him catching an egg dropped from the 4th level of a parking garage. Soft hands.

Rd 3 #84 - T.J. McDonald FS USC More depth at safety as well as a player to groom to take over as a stater soon Played as true freshman @ USC. Aggressive player who attacks downhill. Not at covering WR but at 6'3" 219# can cover TE in the seam well. Knows the pro game as he is the son of former player Tim McDonald.

Rd 4 #114 - Kevin REddick ILB North Carolina or A.J. Klein ILB Iowa State Both are middle round ILB prospects. Reddick is more well known and thought to be the better athlete but Klein may have changed that thinking at the combine. Either way they are about the same player. Though Klein has put up better numbers he was used differently. Either would be good depth now and may be Foote's replacement in a year

Rd 5 #145 - T.J. Barnes DT/DE Georgia Tech Man is 6'6" and 369# but still ran a 5.19 40 which is right there with Star (5.14) and faster than Hankins and Geathers. Would be very difficult to move off teh LOS. He could probably stand to add some muscle to his frame. Stull would add great depth and size to the D-line.

Rd 6 # 178 - Rodney Smith WE Florida State Finally the big (6'5" 225#) WR everybody has been calling for. Adjusts well to the thrown ball and obviously go get it. What I like is the statement that he give good effort in blocking. If we can get our line and our WR all blocking we can put together a great running game no matter who carries the ball.

Rd 6 Supp - Knile Davis RB Arkansas A few years ago he was being talked about in the same sentences as Trent Richardson, then a knee injury ended that talk. He is starting to come back and could be a steal this late. He has starter ability and could be an every down back as he has soft hands to catch the ball. Another prospect I am very high on and hope he ends up in Pittsburgh.

Rd 7 # 204 - Tino Sunseri QB Pittsburgh Pittsburgh guy who would make an ideal 3rd string QB. Doesn't turn the ball over which is what you need from your backups; just give us a chance to win. May be willing to stick around a long time since this is his home. Doesn't have long term NFL starter potential but perfect back up.

Targeted FA

Tanner Hawkinson OT Kansas Started at LT as a redshirt freshman. Former TE who coverted to OT has kept his TE quickness. Little light by todays standards so needs to add muscle to play in NFL. Depth/project OT prospect who could use a year or 2 on the PS

Ray Ray Armstrong SS formerly from Miami (Fla) Linebacker playing safety. Runs extremely well and can cover TE with ease. Obviously off the field issues led to departure from Miami, but I don't think they were legal problems, more NCAA violations. He could even add some weight and play as a LB. And if it doesn't work out he is just a FA pickup so nothing lost.

Josh Hybner P Arizona State No reason to think he is anything special just competition in camp and if it turns out he wins the job that is great.

Michael Zordich FS Penn St. Again camp competition for the FB/HB spot. Comes with good blood lines and from a school that puts out good solid players. See what happens

Well there you have it. My mock draft for this year. Many will decty my choosing not to pick an OLB anywhere. I thought this over and over and came to the conclusion that the Steelers drafted Worilds and Carter with this very secenario in mind. Knowing full well that Harrison would be moving/moved on and they would be expected to step in and play. The Steelers have invested time and $ in both these players and I think they will be given every opportunity to succeed before another player is brought in.

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