Possible 2013 Steelers

The Steelers and Colbert def have their hands filled this off season if they plan on making a run for number 7 in 2013, as fans, we all know that. We need to have a positive draft, along with free agent period. We are going to have to make some hard decisions, so lets start by looking at the draft.

Round 1: WR. Austin WVU-he is someone that could bring a game-changer attitude to the offense, in addition to special teams. I feel like he could really work the middle of the field, in addition to running by just about any safety...BUT if Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU drops to us, this is a no brainer for us.

Round 2: Jonathan Cyprien SS Fl Int'l OR Eric Reid LSU...Either pick would be positive in my eyes, both playmakers, both can learn under troy and clark for the next year, and be able to step in 2014 as a starter. If we are looking to go offense after going defense in round 1, WR Terrance Williams, Baylor, Eddie Lacy RB Bama could also be looked at if still on the board.

Round 3: If Margus Hunt DE SMU is on the board entering round 3, we have to get him. He is a no brainer in my eyes, a guy that can come in and play, I have been more excited about him, than Ziggy or Hayward in past drafts. If he is unavailable, Sean Porter Will ILB Texas A&M...WR Robert Woods USC...Taylor RB Stanford.

Round 4: FS Bacarri Rambo Georgia- this is a draft with great safety depth, we can grab our two starting safeties for once troy and clark are out of the black and gold. I have been high on this guy since I saw him play in the SEC Championship game. Also look RB Ellington Clemson-moving to a zone blocking scheme benefits a guy like this. DE Edwards LSU would also be a solid pick.

Round 5: EJ Manuel QB FSU- he can be groomed under big ben, he is a guy that is a winner, he is big and strong, top qb prospect coming out of high school. Also look TE Ryan Otten San Jose St

Round 6: Theo Riddick RB/WR/KR/PR ND- I may be bias, b/c I did see this kid play in hs, loved watching him in college as well. He in a way can be our "slash" do a little of everything, I dont think he will ever be a probowl type guy, but, he is someone that can make a impact, would do well with 3rd downs, also with the zone scheme. Also look, ILBS Bruce Taylor VT or Vince Williams FSU

Round 7: Montori Hughes-DT Tennessee Martin- Small school kid, 5-4 329 pounds, He does come with some problems, he was originally at UTenn, Colbert said he would take chances on kids again, so here is a chance in this draft...has huge upside if he can stay out of trouble.

Round 7: Rex Burkead Nebraska-want him, loved watching him run at Nebraska, could be a play maker for us, and succeed in zone running. WR Rodney Smith FSU he is 6-5 could be a big target for big ben in the redzone, make the 5th wr spot.

I hope we are able to bring lewis back, we need to find a way, our cb position will really look nice for the next two yrs if we are able to do so.

Harrison HAS to take a pay cut, no and ifs or buts


Bring Starks back, why not?

RB position is one i feel like they will wait and see with, find out what their draft plans are

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