NFL Draft Prospects by Position: Quarterbacks

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

The injuries suffered by Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger in recent years has to give the Steelers at least some uneasiness. The fact they don't have any back-ups currently signed to the 2013 roster is something that will change through maybe both free agency and the draft.

Are the Steelers looking for a back-up quarterback? Probably not a bad idea, considering they currently don't have one on the roster. It may be a good draft for a back-up, with a few talented players looking to be available in the middle rounds. Discerning the top guys from that pack, though, is where teams will begin.


1. Geno Smith, West Virginia University

Geno Smith weighed in a 6-foot-2 218 pounds at the combine. He has a big arm and some athleticism to make plays with his legs when he has to. Smith's stats are inflated by WVU's offense and mask some of his issues. Smith has accuracy issues, he struggles in his reads and playing in WVU's wide open offense there are major concerns about how he can translate his game to the pro level. Geno Smith makes it at number one in the class barely on potential alone in an underwhelming QB class.

2. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse University

Nassib weighed in at 6-foot-2 222 pound with 10 inch hands giving him great grip on the ball. On tape he has all the arm talent and more needed to make all the throws. He has surprising athleticism and a thick build to take all the hits. Nassib has a very quick, compacted release to get the ball out fast. While his accuracy is okay it can be improved by fixing his footwork. Nassib will bounce in the pocket and throw off his back foot often. He will also trust his arm too much and try to fit his throws in tight coverage. Good news for Nassib footwork is one of the few aspects of QB play that can still be coached and improved on while in the NFL. Nassib has a high ceiling and if he meets his potential fully will be the best QB of the class.

3. Tyler Wilson, University of Arkansas

At the end of his junior year Tyler Wilson looked like a first round lock however in his senior year he struggled. Wilson measured 6-foot-2 218 pounds but had smaller than desired hands for a QB. He excelled at making quick decision because of a poor offensive line. He shows great accuracy on his throws in tight windows. Wilson also has reading concerns but I believe the major factor was his horrid offensive line. He has had some concussion issue and a small frame compounds the potential injury concern. Tyler Wilson showed all the ability to throw the ball despite taking a shot; he is accurate, has a strong enough arm and played in a pro-style offense in his junior year. I think Wilson is probably the best QB in the class as it stands right now but doesn't have as high of potential as some of the other prospects and therefore will have a much lower ceiling. If he can get to a West Coast offense team Wilson might have a good pro career.

4. Matt Barkley, University of Southern California

5. Mike Glennon, North Carolina State University

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