2013 NFL Free Agency: five options for Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace

Chris McGrath

Several months of speculation comes down to the next few days for soon-to-be-former Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace.

We've been at this for a year.

I've joked previously about having typed "Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace" approximately four thousand times. According to the advanced analytics held here on Behind The Steel Curtain, that phrase was typed...approximately four thousand times.

It all built toward this. Arguments of whether he's worth the contract he's about to get vs. arguments against his actual worth on a football field have been waged in the battle grounds of this web site and others around the Interweb-based moving pictures.

Here are the five top options we'll hear from, as I see it.

Indianapolis Colts (500-to-1 odds)

This was a much higher possibility when offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was there. This drops quite a bit now, but the cap space the Colts have, and the general lack of vertical threats on that team to go with the arm of Andrew Luck, it wouldn't be a ridiculous notion.

Minnesota Vikings (200-to-1)

I really don't see this as much of an option, but it's getting enough pub right now, it may as well be mentioned. Minnesota is in a battle with Percy Harvin over an extension, and signing Wallace would nearly guarantee Harvin would, ironically, hold out this coming training camp. Having a vertical threat like Wallace though would really help ensure Adrian Peterson is rarely ever tackled by a safety less than six yards from the line of scrimmage.

New England Patriots (75-to-1)

It's still a longshot, but the last time the Patriots made something of a move for a big-play receiver, their offense became the most prolific offense in league history. No one's calling Wallace Randy Moss, but...big plays are big plays, and Tom Brady must be sick and tired of throwing to a 5-foot-9 slot running back (that the Patriots had to put the franchise tag on last year for a complete lack of options at the position.

Cleveland Browns (15-to-1)

It seems as if former Steelers owner Jimmy Haslem wants to spend some money as he spends his time slumming with the Browns. If he wants to spend money, then Wallace is their guy. This team and all its different variations hasn't seen a good deep threat receiver since Webster Slaughter. They have a ton of cap space and could easily keep him in the division, and attempt to sell Browns fans on the Steelers sloppy seconds.

Miami Dolphins (2-to-1)

Take it now, these odds are going fast. It'll be even by midnight. Wallace tweets about going to Miami all the time, they have the cap room, a GM in a contract year and a young offense that just spent money to keep underrated Brian Hartline around their franchise quarterback. It's so obvious, in fact, the only game left to play with this will be "count the number of "Mike Wallace Takes His Talents To South Beach" headlines you'll see over the next three days.

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