El Mock Magnifico 2013

El Mock Magnifico is in with less than 2 weeks to go til the draft. One messican’s attempt to foretell the events to unfold in the upcoming 2013 draft. Much consultation with my Aztec God’s reveal what you are about to read.

El mock as always represents a realistic view as to who will be available when the Steelers make their pick, using the help of sites such as CBS sportsline, ESPN, and Walter Football. A high emphasis is placed on individuals who represent the Steeler tradition (smart, tough-minded, hard-nosed, high effort characteristics). No trades are taken into account. And yes, we let Sanders go and find his replacement with the Pats 3rd rounder.

So without further pomp and circumference, I give you El Mock Magnifico….

1st Round – #17 - Kenny Vacarro, S, Texas, 6’-0”, 214 lbs

Colbert gets yet another solid player in the 1st round. Vacarro would be a nice addition and when he becomes a starter next year, gives the Steelers lots of options in the secondary. We are fortunate that he did not run a blazing 40 at the combine, as this helps make him available to us at #17. Gone are Mingo and Star, and the top 2 guards (Warmack and Cooper). Available were Patterson and Jarvis Jones, but the Steelers pass on these boom or bust prospects and get their safety for the next decade. Plus, this dude is latino right?

2nd Round – #48 – Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin, 5’-11”, 214 lbs

Gone are LB’s Arthur Brown and Kevin Minter, and a WR I like in Robert Woods. No problem, we take our bell cow of a running back in the 2nd. Ball is a well rounded, smart, balanced runner who has all the intangibles. He’s everything that Mendenhall wasn’t. Can’t wait to see what this guy can do behind our O-line. I’ll get lots of comments for taking Ball this high, but I believe we’ll have to take him in the 2nd to get him. Both Mayock and Kiper have him as the #2 rated RB. Walter Football has him at #3. His attitude is A+.

3rd Round – #79 – Sio Moore, ILB, Connecticut, 6’-1”, 245 lbs.

If this guy is there at #79, it’s a virtual certainty he’ll be a Steeler. They brought the explosive linebacker in for a visit and will be thrilled to be lining him up next to Timmons for the next 5 years.

3rd Round – #91 - Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall, 6’-3”, 210 lbs.

A guy with his size and 4.4 speed will be a welcome addition. Another hard-working, smart player who is a savvy route runner. Big Ben will be giddy. I like this guy a lot over most of the other mid-round receivers. Ryan Swope wouldn’t be bad here either.

4th Round – #115 – Matt Scott, QB, Arizona, 6’-2”, 212 lbs.

This strong armed mobile quarterback should develop to be a nice backup for Ben. Plus he seems to fit the mold that the NFL seem to be moving towards. May need to beef up another 10 lbs to ease durability concerns.

5th Round – #150 - Nick Kasa, TE, Colorado, 6’-6”, 269 lbs

Very intriguing prospect at TE. This foreman D-lineman is extremely raw but freakishly athletic.

6th Round - 186 – Earl Wolf, SS, North Carolina St., 5’-11”, 209 lbs

Wolf has good straight line speed and zone awareness.

6th Round - 206 – Cory Grissom, DT, South Florida, 6’-2”, 306 lbs

Grissom has the ideal body type we look for in a NT, with a thick lower body build. Needs to work on his technique and build up his upper strength. A project for Mr. Mitchell to develop into our next dominant nose tackle.

7th Round – 223 – Stansly Maponga, OLB, TCU, 6-2”, 256 lbs.

A good pash rushing DE, whom we’ll convert to OLB. Plus, the guy’s got a killer name.

No new O-lineman in this draft, but I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing Mr. Starks back.

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