Tired of commenting on others. Here's my mockdraft.

This is only going to be for two rounds and then options at third. Not going through the whole thing cause I don't have the patience and I'm at work.

Round 1- What should we chose

Well the popular picks here on BTSC have been Jarvis Jones, Kenny Vaccaro, Cordarelle Patterson, and Tavon Austin. Have also seen some Mingo, Ogletree, some Eifert (although unanimously decided that 17 is kind of early for a TE), and also some top tier offensive tackles and guards, but that is a little wishful thinking in the first. My take is intended to be a little different. Safety is a need for long term for obvious reason. Both our safeties, although two of the best in the game, are already up there in age. Truth be told our front office/coaching staff has shown confidence in Robert Golden and the draft is pretty deep with safety talent. If its one thing I learned as a steeler fan, if coach Dad says he likes someone chances are that guy will make an impact soon (James Harrison, Lawrence Timmons, Woodley, Cortez Allen, Keenan Allen, and now Worilds... Say what you want Worilds tied for second most sacks last year with extremely limited playing time and I didn't see him make mistakes other than being behind the depth chart of one of the greatest Steeler linebackers in the past couple decades). So He says he likes Golden and after watching tape I have to agree he is promising and overlooked. That may only leave us with needing one safety and the ability to take our time picking the right one. We pass on Safety in the first.

Then we have linebacker. Well OLB or ILB we have somewhat of a need at the position but for the most part I think we are ok as we always are. Worilds may not be needing to get replaced so much as Woodley if he continues to struggle. Worilds is coming up on a need to perform year and Woodley needs to redeem himself for the year he just had. We here at BTSC should always know better than most talking heads on the networks, whether we are fans or actual writer, we rarely if ever struggle to find good production out of OLBs and always have someone hiding on the depth chart that produces. ILB is definitely a need but I think the player we should shoot for is likely going in the second and that's Arthur Brown. There are options at ILB but questionable for a first round pick. And yet again Coach Lebeau has said that he likes Marshal Mcfadden, who is young and did well last preseason. So based on that We will pass on LB.

Then we have the ever popular WR...Lets see. We just signed Sanders for a year and I expect that the steelers will try for a solid long term 3 to 4 year deal with him. Or at least I hope they do. We do need a WR from this draft but Tavon Austin likely won't be there and we already have small fast receivers, even if they aren't quite as fast. Patterson is a playmaker but too raw for my taste at 1st round. We have a couple playmakers already who are good after the catch and can actually catch. To be honest I think some of the best picks for WR is likely second and third round at least to fill our need.

Lastly I feel like Oline we should be set on the interior and unless a guy slips past the first 16 like one of the top three tackles, we won't need to take one early. So what does that leave us well we still have DT, DE, CB, RB(nobody worth a first round pick). Out of those four positions what would we most likely take. DT? Depends, I think McLendon is definitely a good candidate for this coming year and if he works out can be our mainstay at that position. DE, we have a tendency to pick players at DE that are late round guys, and we already have some untested talent on our team at that position in Heyward.

Well let's look at Corner Back. It takes at least a year before any one starts for our defense coming out of college. We likely have our starters and nickel lined up for this coming year so it's not a glaring need for right now which is good. Cortez Allen will produce I'm sure of it and may actually instill fear in quarterbacks by.... catching a ball or two. Ike Taylor is getting old and it took him awhile to get into stride last year but he finally caught on before getting hurt. He will need to be replaced soon. Gay is a nickel cornerback who isn't young. He showed strides of improvement before he left but may be on the back half of his career. Brown, Victorian, and VanWhatever, haven't shown much thus far. Cornerbacks usually don't fall in today's drafts due to the passing league and their impact so look for us to pick one and pick for the future. Do I think the Steelers will pick a corner in the first... well no. But it would make sense if they did. So which one should they pick.

Round 1 selection is.... I can't.

The problem is you can't predict this year's first round which makes it impossible to predict the second round, or even the third. There are guys that are talked about making it to the third round in one article and in the first in another (look at safety). Eifert could break the barrier for top 15. Corner backs are actually deep this year even when not getting much attention due to the abnormally deep safety selections, but nobody knows who will be picked. There is no clear cut formula like in past years. When we aren't looking at Feature running backs and QBs its really hard to predict the top ten picks. Of course LT will be picked first and foremost and Dion Jordan and Star will go top ten for sure but who else is a surefire pick. Milliner is going to be picked top ten as well but could easily fall to late top ten, Arthur Brown could go very high or fall to the second. This year's draft will be such a toss up coming into it. First trying to figure out how the Steelers will draft. Will they draft BPA which they claim to do but in recent years we have drafted highly on need. OL and DE both were pretty heavy needs and we passed up on some likely BPA candidates elsewhere. DE was definitely a heavy need, so much so that Ziggy hood was starting for us last year. If that's not a need I don't know what is. So who do we pick. Do we pick the likely safest pick at 17, Kenny Vaccaro. Do we get a huge gift again which I think will happen, and get another big time pick like DeCastro was last year. Yup that's my general opinion. The problem is this year's draft is such a wash after the top ten that BPA is really based on team need.

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