Steelers 7 Round Mock (with multiple trades)

This is the 2nd part of my Mock, part 1 had no trades, and can be found here:

Mock without trades

An update from that first mock, we did match Sanders offer (surprisingly enough), so I backed out the pick at 3.29, which was Marquise Goodwin, WR, Texas.

So, as it stands now, our choices are as follows: 1.17, 2.16, 3.17, 4.18, 5.17, 6.18, 6.38, 7.17

Now, most mocks I have seen have the following scenario playing out, at least one of the WRs (Patterson and Austin) slide to 16, along with S Kenny Vaccaro. IF this holds true, I can see a scenario where the Rams take Vaccaro at 16, and then get into a bidding war with the Vikes for the Steelers pick at 17. Both will want to get their hands on Patterson or Austin, as they both need wideouts (especially the Rams). I believe the Steelers would jump at Vaccaro if he were there, and I would bet the Rams have already figured that out in the mocks to this point. If the Rams want Austin or Patterson AND Vaccaro, the only way they do it is trade with Pittsburgh. However, I think they wait to see how the draft plays out, and if that scenario comes to pass, they will take Vaccaro and immediately the Vikes will call the Steelers to get Patterson (or Austin).

We end up making a trade with Minnesota, we send 1.17 to the Vikes for 1.23, 3.21 (83), and 5.22 (155). Trade Value Chart would be slightly in our favor (964.4 to 950), the small premium pad by the Vikes.

We then trade the 23rd pick and our pick at 7.17 to Atlanta, who needs CB help and (from the rumors) are interested in Desmond Trufant. We get back in return picks at 1.30, 3.30 (92), and 6.30 (198). Trade Value Chart would be slightly in our favor (764.2 to 762.4).

Finally, we trade our 30th pick and the pick at 6.30 (198) to Arizona, as they have been linked to Mike Glennon, for the Cardinals picks at 2.6 (38), 4.6 (103) and 6.6 (174).

This would give the steelers the following choices, and whom I mock.

2.6 (38) Johnthan Banks, CB, Miss St.
2.16 (48) Eddie Lacey, RB, Alabama
3.17 (79) Shamarko Thomas, SS, Syracuse
3.21 (83) John Bostic, ILB, Miami
3.30 (92) Zavair Gooden, OLB, Missouri
4.6 (103) Kaled Holmes, C, USC
4.18 (115) Jordan Mills, OT, Louisiana Tech
5.17 (150) Aaron Mellette, WR, Elon
5.22 (155) Devin Tylor, DE, South Carolina
6.6 (174) Corey Fuller, WR, Virginia Tech
6.18 (186) Lerentee McCray, OLB, Florida
6.38 (206) Levine Toilolo, TE, Stanford


Walter Stewart, DE/OLB, Cincinnati
John Boyette, FS, Oregon
Collin Klein, QB, Kansas State

I want Banks, I made all those trades to get to Banks. He has great ball skills (something we need to get more turnovers), and would be able to match up against taller receivers. He is physical and played safety in college too. Insurance in case of injuries to Troy and/or Ryan. Further, I believe he could team with Thomas to take over for Troy and Ryan when the time comes.

Eddie Lacey, hopefully he falls to us here. The 40 time he put up won't help his draft stock any, maybe he slides, maybe we get lucky. Drafting him and signing Bradshaw would be nice for our backfield this year... Although now that we signed Sanders how can we afford Bradshaw...

Shamarko Thomas, fast, loves to hit, and fast... Perfect.

John Bostic and Zavair Gooden. Bostic is a beast, and he is a run stuffer. Is physical, and sometimes has trouble getting off blockers. If the DL steps up and does their job, this kid could flourish next to Timmons. Gooden is fast, needs some work, needs to be polished, but he has tremendous potential.

Kaled Holmes and Jordan Mills. We need OL depth. Mills can backup at RT, Holmes can back up at C/G. Mills has potential to be a good RT in time.

I think Aaron Mellette can be great in the NFL. He has the size and ran a 4.45 40. Over 80 catches each of the last 3 years, 44 TD receptions. Good hands, goes over the middle, and is a good route runner. You have this kid learning from Plaxico, I think he is a star in the making.

Devin Taylor. Freak athlete, 6'7", ran a 4.65 40. Does he have a pump, does he have the heart. In the 5th round I would be willing to see if he has. I think a year learning and watching might be good for this kid.

Corey Fuller. He is a mystery to me. 6'2", 4.32 40. You look at the his measureables and he should be a lot higher on everyone's boards. While he is a gifted athlete, he needs time to develop, to clean up his game. I take a chance on him because next year Sanders might not be there.

Lerentee McCray. Okay, he is from Ocala, where I have lived for the last 7 years. The kid has had a problem with injuries over his UF career, but I will tell you this, if healthy he is a very good OLB. He can rush the QB from either side of the line, hand up or down, and if you want to question his ability, watch the UF/Texas A&M game. He made Luke Joeckel takes his lunch bucket every play. He gave him fits, and this is what many people believe to be the best LT coming out.

Finally, Levine Toilolo. I love the kid. I like watching Stanford football, and I would love to see the Steelers draft Taylor, but Toilolo has all the tools. Further, a few years back he had beaten out Colby Fleener to be Andrew Luck's top TE before he suffered any injury. He has been stuck behind two quality TEs, learning a pro system. I want this guy all day long.

Well, it will be interesting to see how this all turns out. I do hope the Steelers trade back, there really is obody in the mid first round range that I would want to Steelers to draft. If someone falls, if there is a big run on QBs, who knows what can happen, but I think they should look at trading back multiple times and acquiring a lot of picks. We do not need a superstar right now, what you look for in the 1st round, we need position players, roll players, teams players. Our team has holes to fill.


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