My perfect draft without trades

With less than a week to the draft, everybody starts thinking about which palyers they would love in their respective

teams, here's my perfect, and i hope reasonable, draft:

1st - S - Kenny Vaccaro

Polamalu and Clark arent getting any younger, they're both in their 30's, and our depth in the position is questionable at best. Vaccaro is the best safety in this year's draft and, as we saw last season, we may need someone to step up and play right away, if not, he can, and will, learn a lot from one of the best safety duos of the league.

2nd - WR - Justin Hunter

We lost our #1 receiver when Wallace left to greener, or warmer, pastures. We need someone to be that guy, Brown is the logical choice, but the attention received for being the #1 WR could affect his production. Hunter is a big guy, 6'4" and close to 200lbs, something we don't have in our roster, except for the 35yrs old Burres, who could be that red zone threat that Ben has been asking for a couple of years. He was the #2 WR in college, but could "transform" into the #1 better and faster than Brown.

3rd - RB - Montee Ball

Having three power backs in the roster, we need a fast RB and can get a great weapon in Ball, he's a fast and elusive back with good catching skills. Ben will love having one more option when the WR's are all covered. A number of scouts are saying that Ball has the "Steelers type", another good reason to pick the guy.

4th - OLB - Jelani Jenkins

Harrison left and the OLB position became a priority, but Worilds has been with us for some time and the staff appears to trust him. We get a solid backup in Jenkins, someone that can learn Lebeau's defense and contribute when needed, maybe not a starter in the next 2 or 3 years, but a solid replacement.

5th - CB - Tharold Simon

Lewis left for the Saints and we need some depth at the position, but Simon is not a backup material, he has the potential to be starter right away. He is one of the biggest steals of the draft in the 5th round. He had a pre draft visit with us, so his chances are getting better ny the minute.

6th - C - Mario Benavides

Legursky is no longer on the roster, until now, and its time to get a new backup center. Benavides was a productive player in his 4 years at college and could start if an emergency occured. Some reports say that he had a couple of injuries and was able to play with them, its a plus for a team that struggled with those in recent years.

6th - ILB - Michael Mauti

We need depth in the ILB position, and Mauti is a great prospect. Medical problems made him slide to the 6th round, we talked to him in the combine and in his pro day, if he's available in one of our 6th round pick, he will be a Steeler, no doubt about it.

7th - QB - Jordan Rogers

I don't believe we will find a Brady in this year's draft, but why not try? At leat, he has good genes, his brother is the starting QB for the packers, and, for a 7th rounder, its a good bet.

English is not my first language, remember that =D

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