2013 NFL Mock Draft: BTSC Community Mock Recap and Analysis


Recap, analysis, and other assorted thoughts related to our community mock draft (and the actual draft that kicks off tonight at 8pm).

First off - big, big thanks go out to everyone that participated. Honestly, it was about as painless as this community mock draft has ever gone.

Even though it didn't get officially kicked off until about a week later than originally intended, and then had an extended interlude during the middle because we (on our end) didn't quite have it together for the Steelers pick, all of the reps really came through and still allowed us to get this whole shebang done in time before the start of the draft. Thank you again for all for your great work (and for tolerating the images of cheerleaders that I ended up plastering on a bunch of your posts).

Before we breakdown the actual results of the draft, let's recap the key ground rules we had -- this community mock draft was just going to cover the 1st round, and no trades were allowed.

2013 BTSC Community Mock Draft Results

Offense/defense split:

20 defensive players selected vs. just 12 offensive players

For comparison - the 1st round of the 2012 draft featured 17 defensive players selected vs. 15 offensive players.

Not sure yet if our results are indicative more of the actual talent in this year's draft, or the simple fact that Steelers fans love defense.

Picks to note:

No. 1 - Star Lotulelei (would be first defensive player as top pick since Mario Williams in 2006, and first defensive tackle to go first overall since Dan Wilkinson in 1994)

No. 5-7 - Three offensive tackles back-to-back-to back (Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel, Lane Johnson)

No. 9-10 - Two guards are top-10 picks (Chance Warmack, Jonathan Cooper), which means half of the top-10 selections have been offensive linemen

No. 11 - Tavon Austin is the first receiver taken

No. 17 - Steelers pick TE Tyler Eifert (readers' choice with Austin/Patterson/Jones/Vaccaro all off the board already)

No. 22 - A RB does make it into the first round (Eddie Lacy)

No. 25 - Takes until here for the first QB off the board (Geno Smith)

No. 31-32 - The Super Bowl teams each land prospects that would've gone much, much higher if they were completely healthy (Tank Carradine and D.J. Hayden)

Position totals:

7 - pass rushers (defensive ends/outside linebackers)

5 - defensive tackles

4 - offensive tackles

4 - cornerbacks

3 - wide receivers

2 - guards

2 - linebackers

2 - safeties

1 - quarterback

1 - running back

1 - tight end

Note: The Darrelle Revis trade did not occur until after the Buccaneers' pick had already come and gone, though TheCommish did address the possibility in his write up.

Team Player Pos School BTSC rep
1 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/KC.png Star Lotulelei DT Utah [Link to pick]
2 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/JAC.png Dion Jordan DE/OLB Oregon [Link to pick]
3 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/OAK.png Sharrif Floyd DT Florida [Link to pick]
4 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/PHI.png Dee Milliner CB Alabama [Link to pick]
5 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/DET.png Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan [Link to pick]
6 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/CLE.png Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M [Link to pick]
7 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/ARI.png Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma [Link to pick]
8 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/BUF.png Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU [Link to pick]
9 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/NYJ.png Chance Warmack OG Alabama [Link to pick]
10 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/TEN.png Jonathan Cooper OG North Carolina [Link to pick]
11 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/SD.png Tavon Austin WR West Virginia [Link to pick]
12 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/MIA.png Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State [Link to pick]
13 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/TB.png Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU [Link to pick]
14 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/CAR.png Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee [Link to pick]
15 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/NO.png Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia [Link to pick]
16 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/STL.png Kenny Vaccaro S Texas [Link to pick]
17 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/PIT.png Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame [Link to pick]
18 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/DAL.png Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri [Link to pick]
19 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/NYG.png Bjoern Werner DE Florida State [Link to pick]
20 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/CHI.png D.J. Fluker OT Alabama [Link to pick]
21 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/CIN.png Alec Ogletree LB Georgia [Link to pick]
22 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/STL.pngviahttp://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/WAS.png Eddie Lacy RB Alabama [Link to pick]
23 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/MIN.png Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina [Link to pick]
24 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/IND.png Datone Jones DE UCLA [Link to pick]
25 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/MIN.pngviahttp://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/SEA.png Geno Smith QB West Virginia [Link to pick]
26 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/GB.png Johnathan Hankins DT Ohio State [Link to pick]
27 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/HOU.png Arthur Brown LB Kansas State [Link to pick]
28 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/DEN.png Matt Elam S Florida [Link to pick]
29 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/NE.png Keenan Allen WR California [Link to pick]
30 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/ATL.png Desmond Trufant CB Washington [Link to pick]
31 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/SF.png Cornellius Carradine DE/OLB Florida State [Link to pick]
32 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/BAL.png D.J. Hayden CB Houston [Link to pick]

Maybe you didn't like Tyler Eifert as the Steelers' top pick in this mock, but take comfort in the fact that there are still some talented prospects that would be guaranteed to be there by the time our pick comes up in the 2nd round.

(And remember - Pittsburgh currently has the 16th pick in the 2nd round because Cleveland used their selection in the supplemental draft, and New Orleans lost theirs to Bountygate.)

22 top prospects who would still be available in the 2nd round:

QB - Matt Barkley, E.J. Manuel, Ryan Nassib, Tyler Wilson

OL - Menelik Watson, Justin Pugh, Kyle Long

WR - DeAndre Hopkins, Justin Hunter, Robert Woods

TE - Zach Ertz

DT - Jesse Williams, Kawann Short

DE - Damontre Moore, Alex Okafor, Margus Hunt

LB - Manti Te'o, Kevin Minter

CB - Jamar Taylor, Johnthan Banks

S - John Cyprien, Eric Reid

Now given our ground rule of no trades, there admittedly is no way this mock is going to be super accurate at predicting what is going to transpire tonight.

But what do you think we did get right?

(Player-team pairings, top prospects off the board at each position, which guys will be 1st round picks and who will slide into Day 2, etc.)

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