3rd Day Remnants: The Best of the Leftovers

3 rounds are in the book, there's 4 more rounds, 5 more picks for the Steelers. So here's a look at some of the best players left by position who we might be interested in.

Tyler Bray. We've shown some interest in him. He could make a good developmental guy
Zac Dysert. Another Miami of Ohioan.
There's plenty of other guys here too but I think these 2 are the best fits

Doubtful we'll draft another one given the selection of Bell and the signing of LRSH, so I'll leave this alone except to say that with Redman and Dwyer only on 1 year contracts... Marcus Lattimore would make for a tempting late round choice and 2013 IR stash

Wide Receivers:
Not a lot of potential roster space for a WR but there is a lot of value left out there and with Sanders a possible departure next year, double dipping would be recommended
Quinton Patton: Would be a great fit for Haley's offense, probably too similar to what we already have now though
Ryan Swope: Same story as Patton, there's a few guys that are probably too similar to Brown/Sanders/Wheaton
Rodney Smith: Something different. A 6'5" guy out of Florida State. Probably struggle to make the roster but could come good on the practice squad
Cobi Hamilton: Has that size you'd hope for in a potential #1 WR. Very productive as well

Tight Ends:
With Spaeth, MIller, Miller Lite and David Johnson we're probably only going to look TE if it's extreme value or a crushing blocker. So I'll throw out a couple of that type
Michael Williams: Looks more like a Tackle than a Tight End... some Tackles run better.
Dion Sims: Another bigger guy who I think we've had in for a visit?

Offensive Line:
We're still lacking some depth here, though I would guess the starters are now filled. Could use some depth at Tackle and Center
Barrett Jones: Not as aggressive as some of his other more celebrated Crimson Tide team mates but if it's depth you want Jones can cover most of the line. He could even be a potential starter

Ricky Wagner: A Wisconsin Tackle. The Badgers turn out good quality OLmen every year. Wagner is worth a look
Luke Marquandt: From tiny Asuza Pacific. Very small school prospect with a very big frame. 6'8" 315lbs. Would require a lot of work but he has LT potential
Reid Fragel: Ohio State Tight End conversion. Not much experience at Tackle. But from a programme we like and ticks a lot of boxes for a ZBS Tackle.

Defensive Line:
Not sure how much roster space we have for here either. But Ta'amu's position is still questionable so a good NT could take that headache off our books. Depth at DE as well perhaps, Hood is a free agent next year and this is likely to be The Beard's last year in Pittsburgh
Jesse Williams: I'm hoping he lasts to our 4th round pick. He could be that NT I mentioned.
William Gholston: Has 3-4 DE potential. Will need a lot of work though


Lacking possible depth at Inside Linebacker. With unproven Chris Carter and Adrian Robinson as OLB depth as well, we could still double dip there
Quanterus Smith: Very good pass rusher at smaller Western Kentucky. Could be a great develomental player
John Simon: Another OSU alumni and one we've had in for a visit. Potential DE conversion to 3-4OLB as well
Trevardo Williams: Short, powerful and fast. Needs work of course but produced at UCONN
Ty Powell: Small schooler from Harding. Agile with good size for the outside
Chase Thomas: Stanford outside linebacker prospect, possibly one of the best players left over?
Eric Martin: Cornhusker with some ability, could be a late rounder we can convert to OLB
Khaseem Greene: Has potential inside for us
Sean Porter: Small ILB, is Spence is lost Porter could do some of the things we were expecting him to do

Ike's not getting any younger, we're still waiting for Curtis Brown to develop, we could probably upgrade our depth, but also a potential post Ike starter is needed
B.W. Webb: Been in for a visit, athletic, smaller school, we have 2 current starters who fit that bill
Jordan Poyer: Potential down the road as a starter
Tharold Simon: Another bigger guy, just got himself into trouble on draft night. Another guy we had for a visit
Terry Hawthorne: Injury prone but could be a good fit for us

We need at least one guy with starting potential to play under our 2 stellar but ageing starters
Phillip Thomas: Probably the top safety left over
Shamarko Thomas: Would love to see him a Steeler. Great character, potential to replace Ryan Clark maybe?
Don Jones: Played against lesser competition at Arkansas State but athletically gifted.

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