My impressions on our draft, disappointing at best.

And it is not so much with the players we drafted either.

1. Jarvis Jones, I will be honest, I am not one who is a believer in Jarvis. Obviously I hope I am dead wrong; however, I will not grade this pick out lower than an A because he was, without a doubt, the best player available (based on college performance) and the best value at 17. I would have preferred to trade out and get additional picks in the latter rounds, but I can not argue with the selection of Jarvis Jones. A

2. Le’Veon Bell, come on. He was not the best player nor the best value at that spot. We reached to fill a need, and that is when you miss on players. With the players on the board at that time, I would have selected Jamar Taylor, CB over Bell. Taylor could have been groomed to replace an aging Ike Taylor. This was the best player available (in my opinion) and given us the best value for the pick. D

3. Markus Wheaton. I love Pac-12 football, and I watch as many games on the weekends as I can. Wheaton is a good WR, and I love the pick here. Great value pick as it fills a need, and while he wasn't the best available player, he was slotted by many as a 2nd or 3rd rounder, so we got him exactly were we should have. Excellent pick. B+

4 (a) Trade with Cleveland. I love the pick of Shamarko Thomas, I hate the fact we gave up a 3rd in next year's draft to get him. Further, to illustrate a point about trading down, the Pats sent the Vikes their 29th pick in exchange for the picks at 52, 83 and 102. Those 3 players turned out to be Jamie Collins, OLB; Logan Ryan, CB (and it could have just as easily been Shamarko Thomas); and Josh Boyd, WR (those three players were all heavily talked about and mocked by us as Steeler picks). If the Steelers had done something similar and got that kind of value out of their 17th pick, would you have been thrilled or upset? Is Jarvis Jones better than Jamie Collins, Shamarko Thomas, Josh Boyd AND a 2014 3rd round pick? I love the pick, I hate the trade to get it, but we need fresh talent at safety, this was best player and best value. A

4 (b) Landry Jones? Okay, here is what really got me upset with the trade. You make the trade to get Shamarko Thomas, and you use this pick as a luxury pick. I can understand that, but you use it on Landry Jones? How about Marcus Lattimore! Who has more up side, more potential, who can make a difference to our offense in 2014 or beyond? To me, if you trade our 2014 3rd round pick, and you say, in essence, it was for Marcus Lattimore, I am totally on board with that. I see the rewards and they far outweigh the risks. But Landry Jones? This was a terrible pick. Oh, and Khaled Holmes was on the board too, and we don't really have a backup C on the roster. F

5. Terry Hawthorne. He is a 4 year starter, productive, and he is fast. Gets hurt a lot, but I do not mind this pick. I am indifferent to this pick. B-

6 (a.) Justin Brown. I did not like this pick at all. You want a tall WR, Aaron Mellette was there, has been super productive in school, huge target, and we pass on him for Justin Brown? I am sorry, this pick brought some food up. And again, it has nothing to do with the player drafted, I hope he succeeds, but he was not the best available, was not a value at this spot, this is a kid with a prospect rating of no better than 400 on any of the sites I frequent, he was projected to be a UDFA on all of them, and we pick him in the 6th? F

6 (b.) Vince Williams. I live outside of Gainesville, I have to watch UF and FSU every weekend. I watched as much of FSU as I could because I really like Xavier Rhodes. Vince Williams is not someone you notice watching the game, nor when you are watching tape of the game. What I can’t understand is you passed on Kevin Reddick for Vince Williams. Reddick was a 4 year starter for North Carolina at MLB. F

7. Nicolas Williams. I will be honest, not familiar with him at all. Checked his prospect ranking on multiple sites, he is in the 150-170 range. To get him at 223 is fine with me. I do not know if he was the best player available, but based on his rankings I have to believe he was a great value pick for us here. B

In time, maybe this group can be coached up and a majority of them be productive members of our team; however, I do not see it. Bell will probably be productive, and put up some numbers. Mendenhall was productive too, and he put up some numbers, does anyone want to go back and pick Ray Rice instead of him? I love the picks of Thomas and Wheaton. Without knowing much about Williams I am okay with that selection, and if Hawthorne can stay healthy I like that pick too. I do not know why I do not believe in Jarvis Jones as much as many of you. I have many questions about him, and even though he played tough competition weekly in the SEC, and produced big numbers in the biggest games, I still have lingering doubts about him. As for the other picks, Landry Jones, Vince Williams, Justin Brown, I did not like any of those picks.

To make matters worse, the one guy I was really high on, the one guy I was trying to will to the Steelers with all my being, was Aaron Mellette. To hear his name called by the Ravens, and to know he will be playing against us, I'm sick.

So, with the lack of trading down to acquire additional picks, the actual trading away of a 3rd rounder next year, the late pick gambles/question marks, and knowing the Ravens took the guy I liked, this was a pretty bad draft event for me. My final grade for our draft is, at best, a C. We drafted some talented players, but I believe we drafted just as many question marks.

Here was my mock, posted on April 14th. My Mock

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