Mock Draft 3 Rounds (2nd Day of Visits)

The Steelers have already had several defensive players in for visits that have been linked to them numerous times. While it is unlikely that the Steelers will spend their first 3 picks on defense, because of the need for a new playmaker, it wouldn't be surprising if they use 2 out of 3 picks to reload.

Round 1: Cordarelle Patterson - Tenn, WR. He has been linked to the Steelers numerous times, with the Post Gazette even suggesting that the Steelers met with Tyler Bray moreso to ask about Patterson, than to find out if Bray is right as a future Steeler. He only has 1 season of Division 1 under his belt, but his physical gifts are readily apparent and people have begun comparing him to Julio Jones, a player capable of breaking any game wide open. Patterson would also qualify as the large WR target Ben has wanted since the departure of Plax and the failure of Limas. He seems to be a boom or bust pick, but the potential for a star is there.

Alternates: Jarvis Jones, Trade down several spots if possible and get Arthur Brown or Eifert. (Several mocks have Brown falling to the middle of round 2)

Round 2: Khaseem Greene - Rutgers, LB. He was a force to be reckoned with this year, creating multiple turnovers and posting over 120 tackles. An inside linebacker to groom for the position next to Timmons that could help lock down the middle of the field for years to come, potentially. A number of mock drafts have Kevin Minter, or Arthur Brown falling out of the first round, all the way to where we stand in the second. If that happens I could easily see the Steelers taking either of them as BPA. Probably Arthur Brown if the first round was spent on offense, and Kevin Minter if the first round pick was used to grab an OLB.

Alternates: Jonathan Cyprien (Has been rising steadily and might be gone), Quinton Patton or Robert Woods (Both quality WR, not taken if Patterson was the first round pick), Giovanni Bernard (Fits Haley's scheme), Johnathan Hankins Oh St DT (Some early mocks had him going to us in the first but he has since fallen, the talent and need remains)

Round 3: Jamie Collins - Southern Miss. OLB. Even if we go with OLB in the first, there's a chance we could double dip this year at the position especially if Collins falls this far. Some mocks have him falling to us in the third round, but numerous mock drafts have him going as high as the first round to the Giants, so a second round selection wouldn't be too surprising. There will probably be a run on QBs and CBs like there are most years, and that could help this talented linebacker reach us. Worilds and Woodley are the current 2 starting OLBs, but Worilds has yet to be a consistent starter and has been injury prone in his first several years and Woodley has come into the season a bit out of peak shape and has tweaked his hamstring the past several years. Woodley is a force to be reckoned with when healthy, but the Steelers very rarely put a rookie into the starting defense anyways. Drafting a talented OLB to learn from Woodley for a year or 2 and then be a quality reliever or replacement is the Steelers way. Next man up.

Alternates: By the third round mock drafts are just guessing, there will have been numerous trades and runs on positions will have shot most mocks to hell but here are some guesses as to who we might grab based on need, but more based on BPA. - Phillip Thomas (Quality safety to learn from, and back up, Clark and Polamalu), Shamarko Thomas (Same as phillip), DJ Swearinger (Same as Shamarko), B.W. Webb (CB which is a need, but also from William and Mary, and clearly had Tomlin's eye at the combine.)

Possible 3rd Round surprise - Marcus Lattimore - SC, RB. Yes, he's coming back from an awful injury. And yes, he seems to hurt his knees fairly often, but he would be, by far, the top talent RB in the class if he wasn't recovering from such a blow. The Steelers love to draft based on BPA and, when healthy, Lattimore is one of the BPA in the draft when he brings his A-game. There's a chance that he can be the next star RB of the NFL. There's also a chance that he will hurt his knees/something annually and will be the next Beanie Wells/Ahmad Bradshaw missing large chunks of the season each year. Also, he might have to sit out the entire 2013 season to make sure that he'll be healthy in the future and not risk his whole career.

Mock Wrap-Up:

Round 1: Cordarelle Patterson, WR

Round 2: Khaseem Greene, ILB

Round 3: Jamie Collins, OLB

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