Friday Night Happy Hour Open Thread

Rich Schultz

Get a drink, pop on a movie and chat with the rest of us.

All I need is a cigar right now, and I'm basically at the beginning of the foothills of heaven.

Gorgeous evening here in the greater Twin Cities suburbs, I've got a beer in my chilled Steelers mug and PETA-enraging red meat charring on the grill.

BTSC writer PaVaSteeler, through his own accord and no prompting of me, responded to my hopeful rhetoric about the Steelers offensive line with trust.

You started out right on the money last year...
...predicting that by mid-season, the line will gel and become something we've longed for...

...may your prognostication powers remain strong.

I'm going to re-post my comment, because I've got some steaks reaching critical mass and a screaming daughter to tend to (or watch her mother tend to), so I leave the good people of Behind The Steel Curtain to post their response.

It goes...

Watch the Steelers defense in Week 7 against Cincinnati. Pure domination in the second half. I wrote about that too, everything clicked after the Bengals opening scoring drive. They didn't give up points easily at all after that...well, until Dallas, but when the African-American equivalent of me is out there defending freakin Dez Bryant, that's gonna happen.

Running game and D in Week 8 against Washington, huge. Dominant. Against the Giants, a good team in a rough road atmosphere - a game they lost three times in 2011, and three more times in their first five games (all inferior opponents) of 2012...mix in some shaky officiating, we had the team's signature win of an otherwise disappointing 2012 season.

Just beautiful. That Giants team had ZERO interest in tackling Redman at the end of the game. In what should have been a clock-killing run, Redman broke it for 30-something, sealing the game. A classic, black-and-blue "this is a game of attrition" style Steelers win. I wasn't excited about any win in the last two years as much as I was that Giants win.

That's the style of play I thought we'd see the rest of the year. And perhaps we would have continued seeing it in Week 10 in the second half. Not a back-handed compliment, Kansas City was a damn good defensive 2-14 team last year. Those dudes were tough as nails that night. Roethlisberger went out, the defense made up for a late-drive score to force OT. Timmons picks off Cassel in an absolute-MUST HAVE situation (making him one of the more underrated splash play producers in the league).

Yeah.....2-5 the rest of the way, led by three quarterbacks, Leftwich (who lasted approximately five plays before hurting his shoulder running the ball on a play he wasn't tackled), Batch (who exploited Ed Reed's horrendous overcoverage of Mike Wallace on the game's final drive because he wants to be a hero) and something wearing No. 7 who did not at all resemble Ben Roethlisberger from the first half of the season.


Your thoughts, please.

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