reason #473 why i hate the patriots: kyle love

so i'm not going to pretend to know very much about diabetes. which is a shame since i am a cubs fan and hence a ron santo fan. i'm ashamed that i don't know more to be honest.

but let's start with the patriots. no one likes them. let's be honest - there is very little likable about this abhorrent, insufferable cast of elitist garbage. it starts with belichick and his general disdain for any ego's except for his and brady's.

today, the patriots released kyle love, starting DT, soley based on his diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. not because of anything except this diagnosis. well, apparently he has lost some 20pounds suddenly as a result, which could be a problem for a DT , but nonetheless, belichick's immediate response wasn't compassion. it was, "c-ya!"

when i read this headline, i immediately thought of kendall simmons. the steelers were concerned when his diagnosis came up, but according to THIS story from "diabetes health":

    • #73 was diagnosed right before training camp in 2003 of his second year with the steelers
    • kendall lost 45lbs mysteriously before he figured out it was due to diabetes
    • the bob ross student started all 16 games in 2003
    • simmons was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes which is more severe than kyle love's diagnosis (albeit still a difficult road ahead for love, i'm not trying to belittle)

so returning to the point, the steelers stuck with kendall simmons while the patriots cut the kid before they even give him a chance. if you google "bill belichick players expendable" you get almost half a million results.

now, stiller fans here will no doubt remember that it wasn't like the C&C factory (cowher and colbert) had a lot of options at guard if simmons were to have to leave for medical reasons. i remember many here trying to run simmons out of town in his later years. and yes, tomlin's attitude of "next man up, the standard is the standard" might seem, out of context, generally lacking in compassion for the injured.

but in 2003, simmons was an inspiration as he dealt with his diabetes and still played in the NFL. he proved what really should not need to be proved anymore - that living with diabetes, productively living with diabetes is a non-issue. as a contrast, i give you the patriots - a team that preaches "team first" looks completely hypocritical for cutting the player based only on his diagnosis of the disease, without even seeing what the player can do to show how he can live with this disease.

not that we needed another reason, but belicheat continues to reprove his dastardly character over and over again.

everyone remembers the immaculate tackle against the colts... what always made one of the biggest non-obvious impressions on me on that particular play, was watching kendall simmons on that play. the guy didn't make the play, but he hauled his big butt downfield, all 300pounds of right guard-ness sprinting after a tiny DB that kendall had no shot of catching up to. but it was his teammate that fumbled, and there was no way simmons wasn't going to hustle to try to make a play for his teammate. kendall gets to the party late of course, but after ben trips nick (i got stabbed... by my wife) harper, heath tumbles on nick, and then you see a flash of chocolate lightning flying over the tackled harper. that was kendall simmons, hustling on a play to try to pick up the mistake of a teammate. the steelers gave him that chance when they kept him.

kyle love won't get that chance because the patriots cut him.

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