Friday Night Happy Hour/Penguins game Open Thread


And we've got a video on Markus Wheaton you can look at as well.

Ten minutes have gone by since the start of Game 2 in the Penguins/Islanders first round series, so naturally, the Pens are up 3-1 and cruising to another easy victory.

Fortunately for all of you "non-hockey fans" you can watch the Wild do something other than play hockey as the Blackhawks redden their hindparts up and down the ice at 9:30 p.m. ET. Or at least that's my completely uneducated opinion...based on what usually happens to the Wild in the playoffs.


Watch our video on Steelers rookie WR Markus Wheaton. We broke down some film and put in some cool graphics. If I didn't ruin it by talking, I think you'd really enjoy it. It's a Michael Bean joint though, so you should watch it for that reason.

Anyway again...

Five questions:

1. If the city of Pittsburgh had to to choose between a Steelers team that wouldn't win more than five games a year for two decades, or a Penguins team that would win five Stanley Cups in the next eight years, but they could only have one (the other would cease to exist), which would it choose?

2. I sat next to Kyle Okposo at a Twins game once (he's from South St. Paul, yes, name drop. I drank beers with Paul Martin once too. Also a nice guy, also name-dropping). Very nice young man. Not sure he's any sharper than the puck he shoots, sometimes near the goal, for a living. But he is built out of granite. Just insanely muscular. Take the average age, weight and reach of a hockey player and a football player, who wins that fight?

3. I really don't like Wild coach Mike Yeo. It could be because he named his son Kyler. It could be because he just looks like a guy I wouldn't like. Which coach of your favorite teams have you liked the least for any reason - tangible or otherwise?

4. I always found it hilarious - back in the day when contracts weren't voidable for such activities - when football players played softball. Just brute strength, zero technique of how to hit. Hockey would be an absolute abomination with football players. Which Steelers players would make the worst hockey players?

5. I still hate the 1992 Penguins. I always will. Nothing against them, but I fell in love with Minnesota hockey when my former favorite team, the North Stars, got routed in six games in the Cup that year. It wasn't fun for me. Which would you rather have a picture with, Mario Lemieux's 1991 Stanley Cup championship ring (his first) or Greg Lloyd while wearing his "I wasn't hired for my disposition" t-shirt?

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