Bengals CB Pacman Jones plans to turn himself into police

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals CB Pacman Jones is planning to surrender to police on an accusation of assault at a Cincinnati Reds game. Jones alleges he was defending himself from two drunken and unruly female autograph seekers, one of whom threw a beer bottle at him.

We've all heard the story before; person of celebrity being harassed in public by an intoxicated patron of an establishment.

Twangs of empathy for the celebrity rise to the surface, as the story continues about the drunken idiots bugging him/her to take a picture with them, or to speak to someone on their cell phone.

Damn those people and their annoyance. Just leave the person alone.

You feel for the celebrity when s/he politely declines, simply not wanting to make a scene. You get frustrated when you hear the chowderhead drunken idiot act all offended because s/he won't sign his shoe or speak to his dad.

Then, you're all excited when the celebrity reacts to this annoyance by hitting the person in front of dozens if not hundreds of people. So all should be forgiven, right?

That's Pacman Jones' side of a recent arrest, in which the Bengals oft-arrested cornerback was allegedly confronted by a few drunken women at a Cincinnati Reds game. When Jones refused to sign an autograph, he claims one of the women threw a beer bottle at him. He didn't respond by quickly removing himself from the situation (as many people might think was the reasonable thing to do). Instead, he is accused of striking one of them with an open hand.

According to his agent, Peter Schaffer, Jones didn't do anything wrong.

"They were drunk, giving him the business, he was trying to relax," Schaffer said. "They kept pushing, and then they finally came up and said, 'Let's take a picture.' ... He's thinking, 'The last thing I gotta do is take a picture with two drunk girls', so he says no."

So he showed restraint in getting a picture taken with two drunken women, presumably, for image reasons. Understandable, if not admirable.

Where it gets hazy is when he decided hitting one of them was the smart option. That seems more extreme than posing for a photo, even if the drunken ladies could cause plenty of trouble on their own.

Jones is planning to turn himself into authorities Monday. While he certainly has his right to refuse autographs (especially from drunken morons), just getting up and walking away may have avoided the trouble that's bound to continue following someone with the arrest record Jones has.

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