Five Steelers-related things to do on Father's Day


To honor dads across Steelers Nation, here's an easy, simple list of recommended Steelers activities to do on Fathers Day.

Before all the fathers out there get off to brunch and begin watching golf, we figured we should commemorate this day the way fathers would most want it.

Easy and simple.

So in honor of all dads, mine in particular, here's a lay-up Top Five list of recommended Steelers-related things to do today.

Search the crowd at Merion Golf Club for Steelers gear

There's always at least one hat, shirt, cleverly donned Terrible Towel artifact or something else indicating that person is a Steelers fan. We're everywhere. It's the perfect opportunity for anyone who may be on camera to send that thrill to the rest of Steeler Nation, confirming, even in Eagles Country, we have access to everything.

Watch the edited version of the 2005 playoff run

Removing the commercials and halftime stuff shortens the whole series down a few hours, but there's some seriously historic moments in all four of those games. Not to cheer for Carson Palmer's injury, but remember how unfortunate it was; not just for him but for Kimo Von Oelhoffen, who's solid if not spectacular Steelers career was defined by what was essentially an accident. Watch what was, in my mind, the most exciting and pivotal game in Steelers history, the massive upset for the highly touted Colts in the AFC Divisional playoffs. The win over the Broncos in the AFC Championship game was the catharsis of the franchise; finally getting over the hump in the conference championship, Ben Roethlisberger playing some of the best football we'll ever see, Troy Polamalu's freakish seek-and-destroy of a backside screen in which it's possible his feet may not have been touching the ground for 30 yards. And of course, the One For The Thumb win over Seattle - one of the uglier games ever, but Willie Parker's touchdown run and several drops from professional deviant Jerramy Stevens is still fun to see.

Madden Football

If getting the guys together for a real game isn't your thing, pop in an older version of Madden football - one where you could turn off the salary cap and create players - and build the new Steelers to play with the ones of that year. Imagine Alan Faneca lining up next to Maurkice Pouncey and flanked by Marvel Smith (pre back injury). Or a three WR set including Hines Ward and Plaxico Burress in their primes with Antonio Brown mixed into the formation. It's fun, try it.

Write a FanPost

We need more of those anyway, but it's around the time of the year when we indulge our most unrealistic hopes for the season. Reasons why Le'Veon Bell will be Rookie of the Year or Jason Worilds will go to the Pro Bowl. Stretch your imagination, because stranger things have happened. Sound off about the state of the team or basically just flash your Fathers Card around like you're a member of AARP and demand respect.

I remember when...

Give us the story of where you were the last time the Browns beat the Steelers by more than six points. Here's a hint, it was a decade ago, and it started a streak of 17 wins in 19 games over the next nine seasons.

From all of us at Behind The Steel Curtain to all of you, wherever you are, happy Fathers Day!

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