Off We Go to Camp

Ah yes it is that time of year…

I am not sure if Coach Tomlin is a James Joyce fan, but it would be cool if he had to break-up a food fight in the mess hall between Ziggy Hood and Marcus Gilbert over Finnegans Wake and Ulysses. But I digress...

Camp whether summer or training gives participants a chance to get perspective. When you get away from the normal day to day, sometimes you get a better look at yourself, when in different surroundings and/or circumstances. The players seem to be in a great place going into camp. As a matter of fact they seem to be in the place many hoped they would be over the past three seasons. Since the end of last season quotes from players seem to have hit at least one if not all three of these points.


2. Disciplined execution of plays in all phases of the game.

3. Finishing strong in all phases of the game.

Yes there was talk about leadership, "locker room" issues and adjusting to new ways of doing things. But to me it still comes down to three things for a veteran team like this. They need to play strong, play smart and play all sixty minutes. The players want to do this. How they do it is up to the coaches.

With all the change that the coaching staff has gone through this offseason, the biggest change seems to be going from Todd Haley 2012 to Todd Haley 2013. OTA’s seemed to more about coaching a team than coaching a system. It has been less about Ben’s production and more about the team’s production.

Last year it felt like the team went to camp and were drilled. BEN WILL PLAY THIS WAY FOR HIS OWN GOOD! Then they got "drilled" during the season. During the OTA’s and going into camp I am getting the feeling that theses activities are more about developing talent and developing communication. It’s time to work on things. This is camp. If organizations knew everything they needed to know they would not hold camp. To bad they are not fans.

As fans we are 100% sure want needs to be done for our team. Tebow may not be a TE, but Ben sure as hell is! Move Ben to TE. Unlike Tebow he can throw the ball constantly so he should be able to catch it consonantly too. That solves a huge problem. Why waste the fourth round pick on a QB is you are not going to start him? Let the Landry Jones Era begin! We all know if needed changes like this are not made this season will make last year look like paradise.

Ah the road to paradise. It is a good thing that fans always mean well. Over the next few weeks of training camp there will be posts pointing out every misstep by a players, every coach’s mistake and every misspelling by posters. Just remember when the season gets going and the team gets into a grove and things go from good to great. If luck and skill go the team’s way and instead of reaching for seven, the team is running for eight. Be ready look at a post made during camp a say "Please muddah faddah disregard this letter."

PS. I you hated this post just be happy I could not get "In 2013 we took a little trip along with Coach Tomlin down the mighty Alaquip" to work.

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