My two cents about the state of steeler nation.

I recently had an account on steeler fever forums. I was looking for a simple, organized, and crowded forum.

This wasn't that. Let me tell you. I was consistently on their for a few weeks. It was calm at first but then it just got stupid after preseason. This wasn't just your normal rowdy, angry fan. I've read people's posts on giants, saints, packers, broncos, and jets forums. This was pathetic. Statements like " I knew getting a black man as coach was stupid".This is coming after preseason mind you. It's idiotic the amount of "well the FO will fire Haley, Lebeau, then Tomlin". The beggings to have Cowher back because of stupid statements like " oh we could keep big leads with Cowher in the 4th" or "A black man can't do what Cowher did".

Drafting? Tomlin.

Injuries and bad luck? Tomlin.

O? Tomlin.

D? Tomlin.

Ben stubbed his toe? Tomlin.

I can't believe Im still hearing comments about how Tomlin only won a SB cause it was cowhers team. It's just as hard to keep a team running as it is to build one. How many people knew how good the niners were before Harbaugh? Most of the great players on the niners were there before Harbaugh. The raiders, jets, jags, and titans have talent too. Every team has talent. There isn't a single team out there that can't win because they are physically incapable of playing. This isn't high school. Everyone can play.

Has Tomlin struggled in drafting? That's to be determined cause this current draft class has much potential. I don't like the comments that mean something else really. Many of the posts on steeler fever were just bigoted hicks who will tell you they don't like Tomlin for his coaching but then imply " I don't like him cause he's black". It gets annoying when I hear some mouth breather say he doesn't like a player and then say "I bet Tomlin or Art is why they're hear". All this crap about how "all this started when Tomlin got here and we didn't penalize or lose with Cowher". Forget the crappy season Cowher had in 06 and 00. To me Cowher was better at finding talent while Tomlin is better at using it cause it shocks me that Dermonti Dawson, Greg Loyd, Rod Woodson, Kevin Greene, Carnell Lake got 0 steeler rings. Is that not fair?

Fire Todd Haley! Forget that he made Ben look like an MVP at the start of the season, lets judge him off of two preseason games using vanilla plays.

Fire Lebeau! Forget he might be the greatest D coordinator ever and consistently puts us at the top. All this crap about how "oh Lebeau does this and it leaves this open for this and he's so old fashioned".

Fire Tomlin! Forget that he has equaled the success of Cowher in a third of the time.

Fire Colbert! Forget that Troy, Ben, Hines, and the lot were and are here cause of him.

Lastly here's something that personally annoys me. I was born a few hours from Pittsburgh. I've lived here all my life. My father watched all 6 rings get won. My uncle owns a framed terrible towel signed by Myron Cope. We have Merril Hoges and Rocky Bleiers autographs. I've been to Latrobe. I saw the steeler logo before I saw the American flag. I consider them family. Its sad when I go on steeler fever and see locations like Virginia, Canada, Germany, California. Don't get me wrong I love bandwagoners. But I only saw one or two people from WPA. This is a big forum. If you google steeler forum, steeler fever is what comes up. It's pathetic to see people personally judge the personnel and the franchise as a whole but have never set foot in WPA. It fine when there's bandwagoners but when the bandwagoners outnumber the actual pittsburgher inhabitants, its dumb.I saw a guy from Penn States who was from a doggone giants forum before seeing one on the steeler forum and giants fans don't attack their team like these "fans" do.I get that there's fans who are more sceptic but if you're an actual fan, I feel there should be some bias, some issues left to faith. If you don't have faith in a team then why be a fan?

To me, if you're a steeler fan.

You love the Rooneys.

You love Dick Lebeau.

You brag about 6 rings till the day you die but hope for 7.

You hate Mark Madden.

And you support this organization above all else.

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