Ready or Not...

Well it is game three. Tradition says that this is the game teams use to get the starters ready. Maybe fans can use the third game to get a perspective. I know. I know. The first and last rule of fandom is that we get to want what we want when we want it. Reason has no place in fandom; so, it could be seen very rational for fans to use the third preseason game to get ready for the NFL season. Every game goes from the lowest depths of agony to the highest of heights of ecstasy. Just for this game a fan may just want to step back and get a little perspective.

Before the first game if you were to ask most Steelers fans would they be happy if their offense was more productive (point wise) than Denver after two games, they would say yes. If the Steelers kick a field goal tonight, they will tie Green Bay's point production from three games. As you can see perspective can be a pain. You can be happy where the Steelers are, but most are just grateful that this is preseason.

The first two games of the preseason New England was one of the teams to beat. Many were saying that Brady was not going to skip a beat with the new receiving options he had. Now after their game three, those same people are not sure if they are ready at all. New England has the same problems they had at the beginning of the preseason. They just showed up more during a defeat. I hope that the Steelers offense is more productive and consistent against KC. The problems will still there. Tonight I am just looking for clear signs that they are ready to consistently deal with their problems.

RB, OL and TE depth were issues last year. They were issues in the offseason. Now they have been shown to be issues this preseason. If they are not fixed I feel team just has to show that they are ready to deal with them. Bill Walsh came up with his version the West Coast Offense to deal with a QB that did not have a very strong arm. Special teams and the Defense seem to be ready to play with the players that the have. They have not been perfect (DL and Returners) but I am comfortable with the direction they are going. They are working with what they have.

I posted this quote during OTA's and I am posting it again to show someone on the staff has some vision.

On using more zone blocking schemes with new offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr.: "We'll lean on the strength of our guys. It's something we're going to explore. But we're not going to move too far from what the guys are capable of doing." -

Mike Tomlin 3 / 2013

It seems Tomlin has a good perspective on this. Hopefully we see more plays tonight that will take advantage of what the offense with capable of doing. I would like to see:

  1. Ben play a series or two with the 1st and 2nd year WR's.
  2. Some deep balls from Ben would be nice.
  3. Catch KC by surprise. It would show the offense is not too predictable.
  4. Disciplined and consistent play by the OL would be the Holy Grail

Sunday I just hope we are talking about how the team played to it strengths and not about a team that was and will be held back by weakness. Hopefully that will mean all systems are go.

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