Sports illustrateds footballs greatest features eight steelers

Sports illustrated is one of the few sports news sources I take seriously( I hate ESPN and bleacher report), so I was excited to find a book featuring footballs greatest. I reccomend to anyone whose interested in this kind of stuff and its a great tool for debates and arguements. It's basically a book of top ten lists voted on by professional writers. It features the best players, coaches, rivalries, uniforms, plays, etc. The steelers featured the most players/coaches with at least one steeler in every category except tight ends and running backs( Marion Motley spent one year with PIT but I did not count him).You can check it out here:

There is also a section at the end of the book of players that didn't make the final ten but did get votes. Players like Troy, Jack Ham, Franco, Swann, and other steelers make up this list.

I will list the steelers but I still ask people look at the book because it features a lot of NFL history and well written and throughout descriptions of each topic.

Quarterbacks: Terry Bradshaw comes in at number ten behind Brett Favre.

Wide recievers: Hines Ward comes in at number ten behind Marvin Harrison.

Offensive lineman: Mike Webster comes at number five behind Bruce Mathews

Defensive lineman: Mean Joe Greene comes in at number two behind Reggie White. Greene is the highest rated DT on the list.

Linebackers: Jack Lambert comes in at four behind Ray Lewis, Dick Butkus, and Lawrence Taylor.

Defensive backs: Both Rod Woodson and Mel Blount made it with Woodson at three behind Deion Sanders and Ronnie Lott and Blount at seven behind Ed Reed.

Coaches: Chuck Noll comes in at four behind Bill Walsh, Paul Brown, and Vince Lombardi.

Games: Super bowl 43 comes in at seven with Super Bowl 13 at nine.

Plays: The immaculate reception comes in at number one, Santonio Holmes SB catch at four, James Harrison's runback at six, and Lynn Swann's SB catch at nine.

Single-season teams: The 1978 steelers came in at ten. The 76 steelers did not make the list but were mentioned as nearly making it.

Franchises: The Pittsburgh Steelers came in at number two behind the Green Bay Packers. Obviously every steeler fan will disagree.

Rivalries: Steelers-Ravens came in at two behind packers-bears.

Uniforms: The steelers black and gold came in at three behind the packers green and yellow and the raiders silver and black.

Best sports illustrated NFL related cover: The cover of Lynn Swann's SB catch came in at number one.

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