Steelers players pulling for the Pirates


Brett Kiesel and other Steelers' players were in attendance to see Pirates outfielder Josh Harrison's walk-off homerun against the Miami Marlins this past Tuesday night. Despite losing fans at their training camp presumably to watch the Pirates, they root for the Pirates.

Back in the day, the Steelers of the 70's used to talk about the Pirates while in the locker room because of both of the team's high levels of success during the decade. During the Super Bowl winning 1979 season it was said that the players were talking during half-times of games they were losing about whether or not the Pirates would be able to win whatever series they were in at the time.

That kind of locker room conversation hasn't had the opportunity to fester for a long time, but it appears now maybe some of that is coming back. Steelers' defensive end, Brett Kiesel, often can be found wearing a Pirates baseball cap outside of practice, and went to the Tuesday night win over the Marlins with some of his teammates.

Different Steelers seem to not mind the fact that the Pirates are winning, despite some of the players noticing less fans attending training camp this year. Especially quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, a lifetime Pirates fan, has been enjoying the run, and says that other players on the team find it fun to talk about during down-time with each other.

Shout-out to the true believer, Anthony Defeo, who people always get on for posting articles that involve the Pirates here. I may not "sell my Steelers' soul" for a Pirates World Series win, but I too have suffered these long years wanting for my baseball team to not be the butt of every joke at friendly softball games. I watch as many games as I can and keep a countdown until they reach win number 82 so they can clinch a winning season.

The thought that I could be in Pittsburgh while the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins are all playoff contending teams at the same time amazes me. The NHL season begins in early October; should the Pirates be in the playoffs battling in a series while the Steelers are putting together a solid season, Pittsburgh could go nuts.

After another walk-off win today thanks to the bats of Josh Harrison, Clint Barmes' bunt and Russell Martin's game-winning single, the Pirates get another sweep in their season and move 3.5 games over the St. Louis Cardinals. Let's hope both these teams can inspire one another with gritty play in close games as the Pirates have shown this year, and how the Steelers are known to do when they are having a good season.

Go Pittsburgh.

ICYMI today on Behind The Steel Curtain:

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