Steelers WILL Win!!!!!!!

Yes, that is 7 exclamation marks, one for each of the SB Rings Mr. Dan Rooney will be wearing when this season is complete. That's for you MD.

Hold on to your keyboards Steelers fans, I may get a little overzealous in my abuse of the English language, while I optimistically rant at the folks who jumped shipped because of an opening day loss.

What are the heck are we thinking? HUH? Are we gonna roll over to the Bengals? I don't think so, we talking about the greatest franchise to ever be a franchise. SO, after one tough loss we give up and throw our brand, new Terrible Towels away? HUH? A good old fashion butt-whooping and the Amazing Pittsburgh Steelers might as well pack it up? HUH? One, extra, dim commentator said; save Bell and Ben for next season, no sense wasting em this year. You DANG right I slapped him upside the back of the made a nice, little, popping sound.

Even in a rant I hate to kick us square in the gonads, but we deserve it, we have been acting like a bunch of Browns Fans......that's right I said it. Just like Browns fans, we been giving up, wanting to fire coaches, manager, scouts, ownership and players. Moan and groan, why us, we so down trodden. It got so bad, one dipstick decided he wanted to trade our whole Steelers team, including management for the Bengals team, including management. You DANG right I told him he needed to go buy himself a Bengals jersey, I would have kicked him out of Steelers Nation but wiser powers don't trust me with that kind of authority.

So for the few folks still on the Bandwagon, and I know who you are. I am giving you a list of reasons why the Steelers are going to win next Monday Night.

1. Upgrade at center, Fernandos' Commandos ROCK, I done seen the GIF's. You can't argue with GIF's, it a law or something.

2. DWYER POWER IS BACK! And now, we got an attitude problem. Everybody best just get outta the way or get your skinny backsides ran over.

3. Big Ben > Andy Dalton. MUCH better, now don't get me wrong, Ben will have a bone-headed play in this game, he always does, but Dalton will throw 2 picks at least whereas Ben will throw 2 TD's at least.

4. Home field advantage. Steelers Nation waving those Terrible Towels, unlike a few dolts on here, a lot of us STEEL Believe. We are there in force to take over another opposition Stadium with our cheers, while the Steelers' players take over the Field with their improved play.

5. The Young Studs will contribute. Schmarko Thomas is going to get a lot of time at nickel back and it's gonna be a break out game for him. Same thing with Jarvis Jones who gets the START (Riddlah was SO right) and makes Andy Dandy a nervous wreck by half-time.

6. The Old Dogs have their Day. Troy Polamalu is BACK, with a vengeance, do the doubters understand how much fear is caused by that long hair of his? Well, me either, but I am sure it's a whole lot. And Lamar Woodley goes Beast Mode for this one, he's gonna be jump kicking Bengals all over the place.

7. Because Stone Cold, said so,

I am going to do a little poll to make up for being so hard on the lunkheads in the crowd.

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