Thoughts And Questions After A Loss

I would like to start by talking about being a good fan. This is about me, not you. You see, last night when Little Ben threw yet another soul crushing pick I turned the game off. You read me, I turned off the Steelers game and didn’t watch the end. Does this make me a bad fan? Wait, let me defend myself: the reason I watch Steelers games is for the joy they bring me. Why watch if they are not bringing me happiness? I’m not saying I’m no longer a Steelers fan. Win or lose, I still love them and will defend them against anyone. But, I’m not the father of one of the players, nor do I have any ownership of the team. Do I have an obligation to watch every painful second of a loss to be considered a good fan? What say you?

Let’s get totally paranoid for a second: What is up with yet another game being interfered with by the referees and their bad calls or no calls? Two things: One, the tripping call was a desperate attempt to stop a good play. There was no tripping, that was beyond explanation. Two: The Steelers cannot get sacks if the referees will not call holding on their opponents on passing downs. Our offensive line would be great too if they were allowed to hold. Oh yeah… What about not blowing the whistle when two Bengals have Ben wrapped up until they drive him five yards back and take him to the ground? It’s starting to feel like Vince McMann (SP?) is running the NFL. Seriously, Grrrr….

I felt like there was a lot that was good with last night’s game. Our special teams were much improved. Ike played lights out. I really feel like the offensive line, while not good, played much better than the week before. Valasco held up. How about Moye? Who wants to see more of him? Troy is healthy. So, definitely some bright spots to build on.

Ben has turned into Brett Favre: He’s as likely to break your heart lately as… Huh, I find at this moment I have no confidence in him leading a game winning drive. But is this his fault? Is it poor play calling? Is it that somehow the refs always seem to find holding on our best plays? Or, cough-cough, tripping? Or something? Or, has Ben lost it? Did he lose something with that last injury? What do you think?

You can’t ask a one legged person to play kick ball. You can’t ask a person with no arms to do pushups. And, you cannot design and call a play that depends on David Paulson to block. Of these things I’m fairly sure.

Earlier, I expressed that I would like to see Williams over Wilson. Am I wrong, or did Wilson do better last night? I’m not sure as I have a poor memory and do not have their numbers memorized yet. But it seemed to me that Wilson was getting there more often. Anyone?

One of the things that Steelers fans are very proud of is that the Steelers have not changed head coaches very often. That being said, should the organization not fire a poor head coach to keep with this tradition? Think about it, when was the last time the Steelers fired a head coach? They didn’t fire Knoll did they? They didn’t fire Cower. So it’s been a while. Pete Caroll took a joke of a team and built a powerhouse in a few short years. Mike Tomlin took a solid franchise and destructed it into a laugher (So far this year and the end of last year). What would the Steelers be like at this point in time if they didn’t have LeBeau? Now I’m not calling for Tomlin’s head this moment, but should it be considered if the team doesn’t make .500 this year? One thing to consider is that our defensive coaching staff has been here for years. Does the offensive coaching staff need the same amount of time to build something as great? Tricky question because the defense has always been great under LeBeau.

The Steelers are 0-2, can they buck the trend and save the season? Are the pieces there, but not the plan? It’s a mighty big hole to climb out of, but it can be done. Will Heath’s return be enough to spark our offense? What about Bell? Should Beechum replace Gilbert? How do we fix what’s wrong? Let’s assume the Steelers are not going to fire any coaches. Are they capable of making the players they have great? Speak up people.


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