If there a reason for optimism?

Here is were we stand after ONLY 2 weeks into the season:

Category Rank Value Comparison with first place.
Total Offense 31 236 Yds/G 482.5 Yds/G (Packers)
Passing 26 198.5 Yds/G 390.5 Yds/G (Giants)
Rushing 31 37.5 Yds/G 198.5 Yds/G (Raiders)
Points 30 19 pts 90 pts (Broncos)
Sacks 26 7 0 (Rams)
Giveaways 24 (Buccs, Bills, Skins, Steelers) 4 0 (Chiefs/Titans)
Total Defense 10 318.0 Yds/G 230.0 Yds/G (Seahawks)
Passing 9 198.5 Yds/G 113 Yds/G (Seahawks)
Rushing 25 119.5 Yds/G 40.5 Yds/G (Broncos)
Points 10 (Panthers, Steelers) 18 5 (Seahawks)
Sacks 30 (Cards, Vikes, Steelers) 1 9 (Cuadruple tie)
Takeaways 31 (Raiders, Steelers) 0 7 (Seahawks)

When i look this stats i think someone change the Jaguars and Steelers and nobody notice it. I know the faithfull will say that its only week 2 and we are going to finish 14-2, that Tomlin, Colbert, Haley and the Team are doing a good job correcting things. And the alarmist will say we are done and we will finish 0-16, that we should fire Tomlin, Colbert, Haley, trade the hole team and that the Rooney's have so sell the team.

So I'm trying to stay fair and cool down, there are a lot of things to correct, some i think they are in course to be corrected some i think they will not be this season:

1. The O-line improved and will continue to improve the hole year. we went from 5 to 2 sacks, better pass protection, but the run blocking remains null. If Velasco proves to be a valuable starter at center, Tomlin and Colbert has a difficult decision on the off-season.

2. The running game is crap, Jones was an improvement from Redman, but with 3.7 AVG, it still awful. My guess is Bell will have 3.9 to 4.2 AVG, if the O-line can't step up and if Tomlin/Haley still stubborn regarding Redman. So the run game is dead for the season.

3. The passing game is average at best. Cotchery is a situational player not an every down WR. we need see more of Wheaton/Moye and less Cotchery. Our TEs are shit, the minute that Miller steps in the field we should cut Paulson. At least we will have Miller back sometime soon.

4. Ben looks nervous in there, he has right to be with the O-line, but i think we will see the old great Big Ben in a couple of weeks when he notice that Velasco has authority.

5. The play calling in horrendous, I don't know what Haley is thinking. Maybe he secretly hate the Rooneys. But if we finish the year 15th or worse on Total Offense, he should hit the road.

6. The D-line its bad, they are in charge of the running lanes, and we are averring 120 rush yard per game, you can tell that they miss Hampton a lot. I think it was a mistake to let him go, with no proven heir. The Beard is playing with a chip on his shoulder, probably because its a contract year and it could be his last contract in the league. Heyward is improving, my prediction is we will finish the year with 90-100 rush yards per game.

7. Jones is playing great for a rookie, he has a couple of mistakes yesterday but you will have them in a rookie starter, but he has earn the right to bench Worlids. Since yesterday and for the rest of the year we will miss Foote and we will notice why he is still there. Woodley is not making an impact at pass rush, i don't care he has a rookie in the other side, of that he has Heyward of Hood at DE, if the front office thinks he is an elite LB worth 60 mill, he needs to be able to handle 2 man blocks and get to the QB. There is a lot of examples around the league to prove me right. I heard Tomlin and Lebeau saying that hurrying the QB is still pressure and they are fine with it, well Dalton was in a lot of hurry last night but he was able to complete all the short passes he want.

8. The DBs/Ss are the only unit playing at high level Ike leave Green with only 41 yds on 6 catches. I will like to see some takeaways from them but we know Ike is not good at it, Clark goes for the hit every single time. So this is were Troy and Allen has to step up.

9. The relationship between Ben and Haley will deteriorate during the course of the season, i can see some yelling in week 8 and forward.

If we improve the things that needs improvement, the team believes that Tomlin is still the right guy, I can see another 8-8 maybe 9-7 with a shot at a wild-card spot. Although i prefer we stay out of it for the fear to be embarrassed like 2 years ago. This will be a year full of frustration for us Steeler Nation citizens, but i think it will pay off in a season or two.

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