Todd Haley - according to fans of the Kansas City Chiefs and a poll

I have never been a fan of Todd Haley and I highly doubt that I ever will be. He is the single biggest problem of the many problems the Steelers face this season. The offense moved the ball on Sunday because it was playing from behind all night. I am sure Todd's game plan was thrown out very quickly.

Last week I set up a fanpost at Arrowhead Pride. I asked, Todd Haley - How bad was he? I also included a poll. The results of which you can see if you follow the link. The fan post was fairly active. There are 92 comments as of now. Most fans seemed to have a similar belief as me about Mr. Haley. They largely think he's a bum and are puzzled as to how he has kept a job in the NFL. There are still a few Haley supporters at Arrowhead Pride. Many felt that the recent struggles of the Chiefs could be placed at the feet of their former GH, Scott Pioli.

Here are a few quotes from the kind folks at Arrowhead Pride.

Pissing people off is his #1 strength.

And #1 weakness too, probably.

Haley can be great under the right circumstances...

those circumstances being that he has the right pieces for his offense. (emphasis added) His problem is that he tries to fit players into his offense instead of fitting his offense to his players. I don’t think he is that dumb…just prideful.

He can’t manage people, he can’t get out of his own way, and when stuff goes bad he puts on his aluminum foil hat and points the finger.

He now has inherited a 2-time Super Bowl winning QB and perennial playoff offense, and after running off Mike Wallace, he’s picking fights with WR’s that want the ball.

Even an F is better than a zero

So, where’s the zero? His only claim to fame was riding Warner’s coattails for a year.

He will either motivate guys or they will despise him.

And his offensive scheme is horrible. Worst play calling ever in KC

Haley lacks the ability to create a change in thinking

The Steelers would have been better off trying to get Charlie Weis away from Kansas. He knows how to adapt a system to the players, not the other way around. Changing an offensive philosophy is always problematic, but Haley exacerbates the problem with his authoritarian leadership style. Haley would do better if the team had already hit rock bottom and the players would have been willing to try anything new in order to win. In a system on apparent decline, he’s trying to shift the style while all the veteran players want to just play better in the tradition that had them winning before. He believes he knows what’s best and acts accordingly, without at least obtaining input from those his decisions will affect. The players have no say in how things are done so they have no stake in the outcome. That type of approach is difficult to achieve success with because most of the people he’s dealing with have had success doing things another way.

His supporters do exist. You can read the thread if you want to read their words.

I fully understand that the offensive line is pretty horrible. I know that Ben has made his share of turnovers, especially on Sunday. I know that the running backs have not been up to Steelers standards. Some question Mike Tomlin's leadership. Some say the team is just too old. But I believe the greatest problem that is facing the Pittsburgh Steelers right now is the fact that Todd Haley is the offensive co-ordinator and that the offense is not built around the strengths of his best player, Ben Roethlisberger. What do you think?

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