Four things we learned in Pittsburgh's 34-27 loss to Minnesota in Week 4

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A lack of fundamental football marred what could have been a winning effort Sunday in London. The Steelers fell to 0-4 and heading into the bye week, it's safe to say this is the worst Steelers team in several years.

Turnovers hurt a little more than not having them

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger marred an impressive performance with a second-half interception. To his left, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders wasn't quite open, so Roethlisberger looked to his right, hoping to draw off linebacker Chad Greenway. Roethlisberger spun back left and fired to where Sanders was a second earlier. Greenway had moved to that spot, and caught the thrown pass. One LaMarr Woodley unnecessary roughness penalty later, the Vikings took a commanding 34-17 lead on another Greg Jennings touchdown.

Product of making plays on the ball

Statistically, interceptions tend to be 20-30 percent of passes defensed. The Steelers have zero interceptions but only 14 passes defensed. The secondary and linebackers are simply not making plays on the ball, nor were they against the Vikings. The times they did (Ike Taylor), they failed to make the play. It's a maddening question that's been plaguing this team for over two years now; why aren't they creating turnovers? Statistically, last season, they made plays on the ball. They are no longer doing that.

Steelers tackling ability didn't clear customs

If that's not it, your guess is as good as mine. Safety Ryan Clark missed several tackles, as did LB Lawrence Timmons. Cortez Allen struggled in every area of the game. This team's 0-4 start can be attributed to many things, but missed tackles has to reign supreme over the last two games. That, and...

Hard to win without at least an average left tackle

To whatever end LT Mike Adams is allegedly growing as a player, he's getting beat badly and often. Vikings defensive end Jared Allen was given credit for 2.5 sacks, but that's much closer to three. On one play, Allen swatted away his hands, and beat a flat-footed Adams inside. Adams stood there, looking off to his left, as if he was expecting someone outside the defensive end. Allen continued inside after fighting off a block and landed on Roethlisberger. Another sack, this one by Greenway, the linebacker crashed into Adams as a clearly designed set-up for Allen. Adams didn't seem to have any idea Greenway was even there, and was knocked backward, unable to recover. Greenway finished Roethlisberger off.

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