Long Overdue Ramble

Well it’s been a while since I wrote anything on BTSC. Trying to remember how it goes… It was just a bad year. I basically would have to win the lottery, find the love of my life and the Steelers would have to win you-know-what to salvage my year. Just one big sharp kick to the sphincter. Sometimes, you just have to write the whole year off. Maybe it has something to do with 13.

Anyway, I’ve been lurking and creeping and all the other stuff keeping abreast of what is going on with the Steelers through BTSC. Thanks to Neal and Momma and 34 and Ivan and Hombre and all the others that have given me my fix. Yinz do a great job!

So what’s up with the Steelers? Does anyone really have a feeling. Usually, I’m fairly optimistic going into the season, but not this season. I just don’t know what to expect after that comedy we called a preseason. Don’t get me wrong, I know preseason is supposed to be for everything except winning, but come on, a safety on a kick return? I don’t care if he was a rookie and undrafted, were talking fundamentals here: DON’T GET A SAFETY ON THE KICK! Fundamentals. Did anybody ask this guy if he understood the fundamentals of kick returning, or was it just assumed. No, seriously, you have to ask Donovan McNabb if he knows games can end in a tie before he plays the fifth quarter. You wouldn’t think so, but you do. So, is this a problem with our super-hooty new special teams coach? This is one of the questions that keeps me up at night. The dismal preseason left me with more questions about coaching ability than talent.

I know it’s sacrilege to even think that Little Mikey Tomlin might not be the guy for the job. I mean, we all like the guy and he sure knows how to turn a phrase. But is he more than that? I have a dissenter in the jury. He’s talking about culture and attitude and a seeming lack of preparedness or sense of urgency or something that he can’t quite put his finger on, but it’s there and thinking about it makes him queasy. The special teams have struggled for his entire tenure. Different players, different coaches, same results. Same head coach. Lots of talk, no results. The rest of the jury is starting to listen to that guy who is holding out. Mind you, the jury is still out as it has been a long deliberation. And that guy could be swayed by some positive results on special teams this season. Of course, there’s that other juror, the one with the horn rimmed glasses who is saying the same thing about the offensive line. Queasy I tell you.

Does anyone else feel that maybe character won out over talent in some cases? We’ve all heard about the locker room issues from Susie who’s brother knows a guy who knows someone’s secretary who has a cousin with a friend who heard it from his boss, and he really knows. Or you read it in the news. Whatever. I think attitude got you cut or not offered a contract. For example, Mikey Wallace was definitely… how should I say it… An A@#$%*E at the end there. Was anyone really sorry to see him go? Did anyone still think he was truly a Steeler? I didn’t and I wasn’t sorry to see him go. I think we all feel like he was the top dog when it came to locker room cancer. But who was his best friend? You know the guy. He was finally developing into something we could be proud of. We were all quietly starting to think delusionally about our secondary. On paper, it seemed like a salary cap issue. On the other hand, the Steelers have always found a spare million or two in that old salary cap blazer when they really wanted to keep a player. Not this time. Talent walked. It happened with some other guys too. The circumstances were a little different, but the results were the same. They have to be Steelers to be Steelers, you know what I’m saying?

You know I have to mention the beating the Raven’s defense took last night. I didn’t watch the game, but I can only describe viewing the score this morning as pure joy. Somewhere Satan is scratching his head wondering what went wrong with his team. I think there are not enough guys left on the team who sold their souls to him. That’s pure speculation though. Back to the point: (Or should I say points) Hahahahahahahahaha!

In a couple of my last writings I may have mentioned that I thought Sean Kugler was a Jonah and was maybe, in a totally insane sense, responsible for the rash of injuries that started on the offensive line and infected the rest of the team. It remains to be seen. I don’t think his absence is helping the running backs or the tight ends, but the O-line seems okay thus far. I see that UTEP hasn’t played a game yet. I will be keeping an eye on them.

Let me get this right: Everyone is picking the Bengals now? THE BENGALS?!!! Dear God, please no. We had to suffer through Satan’s team winning the… I can’t say it…(Did anyone else notice those little flames coming of Goodell’s fingers when he was handling the shiny silver thing?) Of course some savy and truly talented writers are starting to pay attention to one of the other teams in the division, and I’m not talking about the Browns.

The Bengals? Really?

I personally love Aaron Hernandez. He did great things for 31 other franchises. @#$%^& cheaters.

Consider this: so far our defense is healthy. All the big guns. Troy, check. Woodley, check. Clark, check. Timmons, check. Keisel, check. Ike, check. Allen, check… check-check-check. What were they ranked last year? But, they won’t be in the top five this year. No way. Why, because they are old, slow and done. Wait, back up to that check-check-check thingy, I forgot the really big guy, Mr. LeBeau. At last sighting, he is still alive and kicking (unlike Roy Orbison who was definitely dead for the last few years of his career). Let’s see, that makes talent and great coaching. Definitely a bottom half or the league defense. Surely not as good as the Ravens. I think Dick LeBeau scoffs, yes scoffs, at the read option. What is the opposite of evil genius? The evil part I mean, not the genius. Maybe it’s just genius.

Did I mention the Raven’s defense took a BEATING last night. If you missed it, they did. Poor things. I feel so bad for them. Ha-ha, wouldn’t it be funny if I was really like that? You can’t say they got Manning-ed, because there’s Ely. Oh wait, I just thunk of something: didn’t a certain storied franchise open up at Denver last year? Who was that? Did they let Manning hang an embarrassing FROTY-NINE points on them? Huh, weird. Let’s hope for the best in the future. Next week we see how they do against the run without what’s-his-name.

That’s about all the ramble I have in me today. I hope to be around more.


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