Who is to blame for Steelers running game.

First off, as always i write a piece here, i make the notice that my native language is Spanish, so i apologize for the grammar error you may found. the orthography is easy with auto correct but grammar is a little more difficult. So lets begin.

I have read and hear a lot the the Steelers are not committed to the run like before. I think this is true but why? So let see the reasons:

1. Since 2004 we have a franchise QB, so its obvious that you give the workload to your most important player Big Ben.

R: Big Ben is more than capable to carry the Steelers to a SB and win it. But he need help from the running department. You remember Elway a HOF QB from Denver? He only win a SB until Terrell Davis came to run the ball.

2. The OL is like Swiss Cheese since 2007 (the same year Tomlin, Arians and Zierlien arrive or the year that Cowher, Whisenhunt and Grimm left).

i think is resolved with the addition of Jack Bicknell, Jr. he was the OL coach of the 2011 Giants SB win (28 sacks allowed vs Steelers 42), its only a new system and it will take some time to work like a clock, but i think it will.

3. We had some strange offense philosophies since Arians. (ex. no FB).

I think we have the same problem with Haley, Will Johnson should be more time on the field, running, blocking receiving. If the OL needs help to establish the run get a f..... FB in there, and let him pound the gap.

4. We are missing a great RB since Bettis. (This is the list of RB since Bettis retired: Willie Parker, Najeh Davenport, Verron Haynes, Dan Kreider, John Kuhn, Carey Davis, Gary Russell, Rashard Mendenhall, Mewelde Moore, Stefan Logan, Isaac Redman, Frank Summers, Jonathan Dwyer, Baron Batch, John Clay, Chad Spann, Will Johnson, Chris Rainey)

Here I think is talent/attitude problem than a coaching problem, I remember a few years ago everybody in BTSC was rooting and loving Redman, he was the next Bettis, now he is garbage. Same with Mendenhall and Parker.

Here is a fun table that puts the last 6 years of Cowher/Hoak and the first 6 Years for Tomlin/Wilson:

RB Coach Year Rushing Yards Total Att Fumbles Top RB ATT YDS YDS/ATT LONG TD
Dick Hoak 2001 2774 580 6 Jerome Bettis 225 1072 4.8 48 4
Dick Hoak 2002 2120 512 4 Amos Zereoue 193 762 3.9 42 4
Dick Hoak 2003 1488 446 7 Jerome Bettis 246 811 3.3 21 7
Dick Hoak 2004 2464 618 4 Jerome Bettis 250 941 3.8 29 13
Dick Hoak 2005 2223 549 7 Willie Parker 255 1202 4.7 80 4
Dick Hoak 2006 1992 469 9 Willie Parker 337 1494 4.4 76 13
Averages 2176.83 529.00 6.17 251.00 1047.00 4.15 49.33 7.50
Kirby Wilson 2007 2168 511 5 Willie Parker 321 1316 4.1 32 2
Kirby Wilson 2008 1690 460 2 Willie Parker 210 791 3.8 34 5
Kirby Wilson 2009 1793 428 5 Rashard Mendenhall 242 1108 4.6 60 7
Kirby Wilson 2010 1924 471 3 Rashard Mendenhall 324 1273 3.9 50 13
Kirby Wilson 2011 1903 434 5 Rashard Mendenhall 228 928 4.1 68 9
Kirby Wilson 2012 1537 412 11 Jonathan Dwyer 156 623 4 34 2
Averages 1835.83 452.67 5.17 246.83 1006.50 4.08 46.33 6.33

You can see that since Big Ben is here the number of running plays have been 483 in average, compared with the 512 before him, that is 30 minus runs a year, 30 plays that became passes from one of the best QB in the league, i´m fine with that.

You can also expect a small decrease in the yards gain by our RBs since they have less plays each year, but still we need to find a 1000 yds. RB in order to be successful.

I think that when it comes to choose the draft picks it isn't a one guy job, I think that the scouts sits down with the GM, the HC and the involved coach. and together make the decision, and that the voice of the position coach is really strong since he is the one coaching the player. And since this appears to be talent/attitude problem this came down to the RB coach, if you can´t get the correct attitude from you entire group something is happening there.

I don´t know why we still have coach Wilson in the staff, maybe the Rooneys have a problem giving to many second chances, maybe Tomlin don't want to see that he made a poor choice there. Maybe they don't want to fired him after his fire accident.

Tomlin had made the moves to correct this except for one, RB Coach Kirby Wilson, since 2007 we had 3 OL coaches, 2 OCs, but only 1 RB coach.

My opinion is the Steelers need a chance in the RB coach department.

But then again maybe i don't know shit about managing and coaching a pro football team and i´m wrong.


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