Readers Correspondence: Beating the drum for Kelvin Benjamin

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A reader is confident in the depth of cornerbacks in this draft, but isn't sold on the idea of a high-ceiling wide receiver beyond the 15th pick.

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Hello Neal,

Most polls show the Steelers selecting a CB in Round 1. Excellent CB's can be had in Rounds 2-3. It's highly unlikely Justin Gilbert will be available at 15. Gilbert's an incredible ballhawk, yet the Steelers should pass on Dennard and go WR if he's not available.

I continue to beat the drum for Kelvin Benjamin, undeniably a player with some risk but incredible potential. Working with a great QB like Ben, over time he could be better than all the WR's in this year's draft. The NFL has evolved into a passing league. Mismatches separate the winners from the losers. The Steelers need red zone weapons. Is acquiring Kelvin Benjamin any more a risk than signing LeGarrette Blount? Convince me, please.

Mr. Colbert, don't let KB slip to Baltimore at 17. He's there at 15, no need to trade up or down. Just DRAFT him. Get your CB in Round 2. KB in Black and Gold looks awfully good.

I really enjoy all your pre-draft articles, Neal. Bravo!

My bet is the pick will be either Darqueze Dennard or Kyle Fuller, and I say that whether Gilbert is on the board or not. The two I mentioned are more ready to contribute immediately, and play the game the way the Steelers play it. Gilbert, to me, is an Antonio Cromartie clone. He looks more like an offensive defensive player, much more interested in creating turnovers than playing sound defensive football. Turnovers are great, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't trade a takeaway for a deep touchdown. Gilbert doesn't tackle well and has a long way to go in terms of his footwork.

Benjamin is the byproduct of a sensationalized view of the wide receiver position. He's a big dude, but he's soft. He has great athletic ability but is a very limited route runner. I'm not saying height isn't important as a receiver, but when you watch a player like Odell Beckham, who's a polished route-runner, an explosive speed kind of guy (it's about acceleration more than top-end), big hands and great balance, I'd much rather have him at 15 than Benjamin. Beckham will outproduce him many times over because, while not the phyiscal freak Benjamin is, he's a considerably better receiver.

My bets right now, in order, of who the Steelers will take...1. Dennard, 2. Fuller, 3. Beckham, 4. OT Taylor Lewan.

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