NFL Playoffs: Hatred-Based Fandom

Okay, so maybe I am a little interested in the remaining three weekends of the Fraudulent NFL Tournament.

I did sit out last Saturday, watched nothing. Correct that. I watched the World Juniors, but when Canada was eliminated, that event left me with zero interest for Sunday, so I did, somewhat reluctantly, tune into the contests in Cincinnati and in the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field.

My primary rooting interest, at this point, is for the Super Bowl in the Meadowlands to become an outdoor debacle. Horrendous weather, all week long, stadium issues, and perhaps Governor Chris Christie can close a few bridges....maybe he has an axe to grind with Roger Goodell, or perhaps he's been slighted by Robert Kraft, should the Pats makes it in. He's unlikely to be endorsed by Paul Allen out in Seattle. Maybe that pre-emptively, draws the Guv's ire..

The tough part about Hatred-Based Fandom is that it forces you to root for a team that you hate one weekend, and then root against them the following weekend. For instance, this weekend, I'll be rooting hard for Denver to eliminate the Fraud of Frauds, San Diego Chargers. That said though, I hate the Doncos 'cuz I hate Peyton Manning, but I particularly hate the Doncos and Manning for losing the Thursday nighter against San Diego, as had they won, Steelers would have been in the Tourney.

Anyway, ranked in order of hatred, #1 is the team I hate most:
1. New England Patriots.
-Funny thing is, I kind of like Bill Belichick, think he's a helluva football coach, love his pressers, particularly when he loses, best show on TV. I don't even mind Tom Brady, really don't. He'll be the next ambassador to Ireland. It's a funny one-two when Pats lose. Belichick grumbles, makes a few unintelligible comments in his hoodie, everyone's walking on egg shells, afraid to ask him anything. Then steps up Brady, dressed to the nines, smiling, graciously answers all question. But....I HATE Robert Kraft. I HATE the local talk radio douchebags. Therefore....they can't win.

2. San Diego Chargers
-I need to have those Frauds outta the tournament. Never in my life have I rooted for the Cincinnati Bengals. I did last week. That's how much I need the Chargers season to end.

3. New Oreans Saints
-My hate for Drew Brees was building last year. It's been over the top since he complained about getting hit too hard versus San Francisco earlier this year. I hope that Seattle knocks him into next week. I'm morphing from being protective of Steelers records to being more protective of Ben. Can't have Brees with as many rings as Ben. Leads me to.....

4. Denver Broncos
-Already noted my long-term and short-term hatred of Peyton Manning. Blend in not wanting P.Manning to have as many rings as Ben. Again, the challenge of Hatred-Based Fandom. I'll be rooting hard for Mr. Cut that Meat this weekend, and very likely next weekend as well. Then, hopefully, he falls in to the Abyss in the Meadowlands.

5. San Francisco 49ers
-My one and only beef with this team is not wanting them to tie the Steelers with 6 Super Bowl wins. Oh well, that happens, we'll just have to win a 7th. I hate nothing else about this team. Yes, that means I don't hate Jim Harbaugh. I just don't.

6. Indianapolis Colts
-Be rooting hard for them tomorrow night in Foxboro, but sorry, just don't see it happening. Would love to see their Amish QB beat the Patriots in their own building though. Only reason they're not at the bottom of this list is that they're a dome team.....all things being equal, I root against the dome team, even when they're playing outdoors.

7/8. Seattle Seahawks/Carolina Panthers
-Truthfully, I don't much care which of these teams win. If Seahawks make it to the Meadowlands, you know there will be alot of nonsense about their being screwed over in Super Bowl XL. I might actually enjoy watching that though....though when it happens, I could well erupt in invective and vitriol. So that's an unknown. And honestly, I don't mind Pete Carroll. Dude's a defensive whiz....done a helluva job up in Starbucks/Boeing/Microsoft land.
-Panthers? Comes down to it, I'd probably root for them in an NFCCG in Seattle. No other reason, I'd love to see a few minutes with Steve Smith as the Super Bowl winner. That crazy loon will WIN the Super Bowl, win the MVP, and still be looking to fight someone afterwards.

There you have it....Hatred-Based Fandom for the NFL Playoffs.

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