Seahawks-49ers vs steelers-ravens

In case you haven't heard, the seahawks and 49ers have a rivalry. According to the media, it's the best rivalry in football and is filled which players and coaches that hate each other and can't stand each other. It's pure smash mouth football. Right? Well............

lets get started with the fanbases. It's amazing how the seahawks bandwagon grew in the span of a few months. Fans that say they were hardcore fans from the beginning and yet when you let off names like Shaun Alexander or Curt Warner or Steve Largent, they're like "who?".

49ers fans are better but not by much. There can't be 49ers football without learning about a stabbing or beating nearly every game.

I read an SI article before the 49ers ravens SB last year from actual fans from San Fran talking about how they only started following the niners when they made the SB. Espn did a study in 2008 ranking the fanbases. The study was based off:

Stadium factor (St.): Loud? Great atmosphere?

Live and die factor (LDF): Fans take loss hard? (That's a good thing.)

Traveling road show factor (Travel): Big presence in other guys' stadium?

Loyalty when team sucks (Loyal): You score points with us if you stick with a loser.

Hate factor (Hate): Other teams' fans dislike your fans? (Hate is good in our book.)

Tailgate factor (TG):Home tailgates sizzling or stale?

Home fans' creativity (CF): Wacky ideas … or not?

Obviously 2008 is a good example of seeing how hardcore their fans are since both teams were bad at the time. The seahawks were ranked 20th and the niners 25th. The browns, redskins, and raiders were all bad in 2008 yet they each made 3,6,and 9 on the list. So who are these fans sabotaging billboards and talking trash on the news? Are they the few hardcore fans out there or are they bandwagoners wanting to get on the news? People that never heard of the seahawks before 2012? I'm still disgusted whenever I hear the term 12th man. Deadspin made a comment about how annoyed they were that Seattle ripped that off from Texas A&M that they're gonna starting calling Russell Wilson "Russell football".

Now the general impression of this rivalry is it's must see TV and it's always competitive. Really? Must see? Usually yes. But competitive? Since 2008 the steelers and ravens have had one game where one team blew out the other. The niners have been blownout twice in just two years already. No. It's a competitive rivalry when it's in San Fran. So far when it's at Seattle, it's a blowout. The recent NFC championship has redeemed a bit of that by being a close competive game but the winner was predictable. I think both teams though have to beat the other in that teams stadium eventually.

This year both the steelers and the ravens were below avg. And yet, their game was still thanksgiving prime time. Did the niners and seahawks get prime time when they were bad? No cause they didn't hate each other nor were they physical. The seahawks and niners in the last few years haven't really done anything to each other outside trash talk. Richard Sherman's rant is no different.

It's mostly all after the play. There hasn't been a miasma of injuries for both teams. A QB didn't get his nose broke then snapped back. A rookie running back didn't nearly die. The biggest injury was perhaps Navarro Bowmans recent injury but even that was just an accident of having his leg in an awkward position under a pile. Chancellors hit on Davis is another one but it wasn't a Ray Lewis hitting Medenhall or a Hines block.

It's considered a rivalry because both teams are good physical teams. If the panthers( another physical team) had beat the niners last week, they'd probably be trying to make an arguement that the panthers have some kind of rivalry with Seattle. Other than trash talk, it really has nothing about it that screams greatest rivalry worthy or must see.The steelers ravens rivalry is as old as the Ravens themselves and even before with the browns.

Also on another note, I think the Harbaugh- Carol is a bit overblown. It seems like Swartchz hates Harbaugh more than Carrol actually.

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