Mock and offseason after the senior bowl.

So after we have a new o line coach, reading a lot of post here and other mocks, and watching the senior bowl. Here are my off season predictions and mock.

D Line will be the key to everythingthis off season. I would love to see the beard for anither yesrbut it wont happen. I think we resign both Hood and Woods. Bkth of them should be fairly cheap. It will be interesting to see if they give Heyward a new deal or see if he can do itfor a full year amd pay more next year.

WR, Sanders maybe back if he is willing to take 3/4 mil a year. There are much better WR in FA and some good prospects in the draft this year. Wheaton is also pushing him out the door. Cothery is a keeper for another 2 years.

FA I would liketo see us sign are, Demps S from KC he can play in sub packages and be a great reurn guy and special team player. Keep most of our guys, and get the cap right moving forward.

Draft, I reada post about Tomlin can,t draft myth and draft for need or BPA. Since we drafted Pouncey we have got lucky amd our needs have matched BPA. Pouncey,DeCastro, Jones and Bell. Yes past on other good players but those picks seem to be paying off. I am not the biggest Pouncey fan in the world, but if they are going to give a contract. That means Worilds walks amd Woodley reworks his deal.

Round 1, biggest need vs BPA CJ Mosely would fit both of those hope we get him. I dont see us drafting a TE until round 3-5 Miller should get another deal at lower cost keeping him in the burgh for anither 3 years. Same w Troy, and drafting a S if there is a guy they like they may spend a #2 pick in a S. Where it gets confusing is w Ike andnother CBs, do the Steelers feel good about Allen and Brown? Ike wont be back @11 mil, he is only worth 5 mil and that is bc he knowthe D inside and out, so they could take a CB that they like. Same could be said at WR, LT, and DL if they arent sold on who is there they could draft to improve.

Round 2, WR unless we take a WR in round 1 this has to be the pick. The WR class is deep and some good WR should be there like Robinson from PSU, or the Vandy stand out. The only other player I see us drafting is D Ford. He will be a OLB in a 3-4 D so it will limit who would draft him. If JW walks and we get him Woodley could become expendable, Woodley help push Haggins out the door D Ford could do the same. Help cut some cap cost later down the road.

Round 3 (comp for Wallace ), A Donald from Pitt, not a homer pick. In todays NFL its all about packages and when we play a nickle or dime D him and Heyward can getafter the QB. Round 3 is Donalds basement he made some serious$ @ the senior bowl.

Round 3 (comp for Lewis), Sutton NT ASU, we need to get younger and bigger at NT. He played very well, yes 2 third round picks on the DL. When we were great we had 4 great DL in Hamp, Smith, The Beard and Hookie. The only real building block we have is Heyward. This would give us a young and potentially great line.

Round 4, TE from USC, Spathe and Paulson are not that good. He could learn from Miller for a couple of years and then replace him. Also the 2 TE set we seemed to run a lot last yr be better to have 2 TE that can catch the ball.

Round 5 -7 BPA,we should get a comp pick for Mendy in this range. Hope we can land the next James Harrison or A.Brown.

Let me know what yins think.

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